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What does it mean to meet the autumnal equinox at the beginning of winter and really enter the late autumn season

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is autumn. It seems that it is a sad season with heavy cold dew and falling leaves. However, don't be full of disappointment, because there are many mature crops that herald a good harvest. We should face them with confidence and make a good plan. We believe there will be a harvest in the next stage. Let's analyze a related saying.

立冬小露接秋分是什么意思 真正步入深秋时节

the meaning of

the whole sentence of

is: the White Dew in September meets the autumn equinox, and the cold dew and frost fall all over October. This is a common proverb. It actually tells about the changing order of seasons. According to the relevant calendar regulations, the fifteen days of a solar term refers to the first five days and the last ten days of the solar term, Therefore, it is said that "the first five days and the last ten days". From the day of Bailu, the first ten days are the Bailu solar term, and the next five days are the autumnal equinox solar term. If you can't distinguish the detailed time, you can check it against the calendar, because it will be divided and there are also lunar calendar dates, so it's more convenient to understand. What are the climatic characteristics of




generally speaking, there are six solar terms in autumn, including the beginning of autumn, summer, white dew, autumnal equinox, cold dew and frost, and the autumnal equinox has the advantage in the middle, so it has the meaning of dividing autumn equally. At this time, the temperature in the country drops significantly, not as hot as in midsummer. The north is busy collecting crops. It should also pay attention to preventing climate drought and paying great attention to irrigation, because sometimes there is little rain in autumn. The south is still shrouded in autumn tigers and is still exposed to the sun at noon, so we should pay attention to ultraviolet protection. There is a large temperature difference in the morning and evening. We also need to keep warm and cold proof at the same time to avoid catching a cold.

summary of common farming proverbs

1. Don't dry on rainy days at the autumn equinox.

2. Early autumn equinox and late frost.

3. After five autumnal equinox, the wheat goes into the soil.

4. As soon as the autumn equinox comes, rice will be seen in the grain field.

5. The autumnal equinox is strangely cold and the weather is bad.

6. Half the house at the autumnal equinox, cold dew all over the world.

7. Northwest wind at autumnal equinox, rainy and snowy in winter.

8. Three spring is not as busy as one autumn. If you can't get food in the house, it's not food.

9. Bending down in autumn is better than turning around in spring.

10. White Dew is early, cold dew is late, and it is right time to plant wheat in autumn.

11. At the end of July, in August, an'er, new millet rice soup, Ma Gan salt.

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