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Autumnal equinox folk activities enjoy autumn sacrifice and eat autumn vegetables

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when people celebrate the festival, they will launch relevant customs to meet the occasion, so as to increase the lively atmosphere and let everyone feel the beautiful atmosphere of prosperity. In particular, the seasons related to solar terms will also determine the diet arrangement according to the characteristics of the climate. This article talks about the common entertainment items in late autumn.

秋分民俗活动 赏秋祭祀吃秋菜

folk activities of the autumnal equinox

1. Stepping on autumn: since ancient times, people will go outside to enjoy the latest scenery when the seasons change. The autumnal equinox is the same. Children will take kites to fly in the suburbs. Adults call relatives and friends to get together outside. It is a very beautiful scene.

2. Autumn Festival: in the old days, people would prepare many offerings to worship the moon. Later, they moved to the mid autumn festival because they were afraid that the date of the autumnal equinox was not fixed and there was no full moon. However, some areas still retained the custom of sacrificing their ancestors and held them in the ancestral temple to pray for good weather and good harvest in the coming year.

3. Eating autumn vegetables: in some rural areas, people will have the habit of picking wild vegetables in the fields in this season. The collected autumn vegetables are generally "boiling soup" with fish fillets at home, which is called "autumn soup". It is said that drinking can protect the house and everyone in the family will be healthy.

this year is the day of the month

according to the query calendar, the autumn equinox in 2021 is on Thursday, September 23, that is, August 17 of the lunar calendar. This day is suitable for decoration, ground breaking, travel, tourism, inheritance, appointment, repair, blessing, sacrifice, lifting, grazing, medical treatment, planting, fasting and other matters. You can arrange the specific itinerary according to the tips on the old yellow calendar.

what kind of

this solar term is suitable for 1. Spinach: it is a vegetable that can be planted over the winter, so it is relatively cold resistant. It can still be sown in the open in late autumn, but in the frost period, it is necessary to cover a layer of film or build a small arch shed to keep warm in order to ensure smooth growth.

2. Chinese cabbage: its growth cycle is short, so it is very suitable for planting. Don't pay attention to check the soil and keep the soil moist to quickly emerge. In order to grow well, leafy vegetables should be intercropped after emergence. Slightly larger ones can be eaten while intercropping. At the same time, weeds should be cleaned in time to avoid being sucked away.

3. Shallot: it is a common vegetable in four seasons, but pay attention to appropriate sowing to ensure a good harvest in a short time.

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