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What season is cold dew

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cold dew is the 17th of the 24 solar terms. What do you know about the origin of cold dew? Cold dew also has the difference of three Hou. The collection of 72 Hou in the month also has a description of cold dew. Here are some materials about cold dew compiled by Xiao Bian. I wish you a happy cold dew solar term!!!


what season is the cold dew? The cold dew of

belongs to autumn, and frost falls after the cold dew. Generally, after the cold dew, affected by climate change, it rarely rains, and only a few special places may rain. The ancients of China divided the cold dew into three periods: one for the goose guests; Second, when the bird enters the flood, it is a clam; Three waiting chrysanthemums have yellow flowers. In the cold dew season, Nanling and the vast areas to the north of China have entered autumn, the Northeast has entered late autumn, and the Northwest has entered or will enter winter. The traditional customs of cold dew mainly include appreciating maple leaves, eating sesame, eating crab, drinking autumn tea, etc.


Introduction to cold dew


cold dew is a festival in late autumn and the beginning of Xuyue in the trunk and branch calendar. Cold dew is a solar term reflecting the characteristics of climate change. When entering the cold dew, there is cold air going south, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the autumn dryness is obvious. Cold dew, dew with cold, will freeze. In cold dew, after White Dew, the weather turns cool and dew begins to appear. In cold dew, there will be more dew and lower temperature. Therefore, some people say that cold is the gas of dew, white first and then cold, which means that the climate will gradually turn cold. The moisture condenses into white dew. The origin and custom of


cold dew


cold dew is one of the twenty-four solar terms in China. It comes from the collection of 72 seasons in the month, which means that the temperature is lower than that in the White Dew season, and the dew on the ground is about to condense into ice. The three Marquises of cold dew are: one is the goose guest, the second is the clam when the bird enters the flood, and the third is the chrysanthemum. It refers to the migration of the wild goose to the south, the disappearance of the bird, the emergence of the clam and the opening of the chrysanthemum. The customs of Han Lu include eating chrysanthemum cake, drinking chrysanthemum wine, climbing high and looking far. The reason for climbing is that the cold dew season is just around the Double Ninth Festival, and the autumn is crisp. Chrysanthemum cake and chrysanthemum wine, the former is a must eat cake when "leaving youth", and the latter is to eliminate autumn dryness.

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