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What day of the month is cold dew? You can fight crickets on this day

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cold dew is the penultimate solar term in autumn and the 17th of the 24 solar terms in the lunar calendar. Cold dew is also the transition stage from cool to cold. How much do you know about cold dew? Now let's communicate together. Let's tell the cold dew we understand together! Happy Hanlu Festival!

寒露是几月几号 此天可斗蟋蟀

cold dew is the date of the month

the cold dew solar term in 2021 is 9:38:53 on October 8, 2021, and Friday, the third day of September in the lunar new year. Cold dew is the 17th of the 24 solar terms and the fifth in autumn. Dipyridamole; The sun reaches 195 ° of the Yellow meridian; The festival is held from October 7 to 9 of the Gregorian calendar every year. Cold dew is a festival in late autumn and the beginning of the Xuyue calendar. Cold dew is a solar term reflecting the characteristics of climate change. When entering the cold dew, there is cold air going south, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the autumn dryness is obvious. After the cold dew, the cold air in the North has a certain force. Most parts of China are under the control of cold and high pressure, and the rainy season ends. In terms of climate characteristics, in the cold dew season, the autumn in the south is getting stronger, cool and windy, with little rain and dry; The northeast and northwest regions in the north have entered or are about to enter winter. Thousands of miles of frost and snow are very different from the autumn in the south. The origin of


cold dew is


cold dew, the 17th of the twenty-four solar terms in the lunar calendar. On October 8 or 9 of each year, it is regarded as cold dew when the sun reaches 195 degrees of the Yellow meridian. In the collection of the seventy-two seasons of the lunar calendar, it is said that "on September day, the dew is cold and will condense." in the agreement of Tongwei filial piety to the God of economic assistance: "on the 15th day after the autumn equinox, fighting fingers are bitter, which is cold. It is said that the dew is cold and will condense." at this time, the temperature is lower than that of the "White Dew", and there is more dew. The white and glittering dew on the ground is about to condense into frost and cold, so it is called the cold dew.

cold dew custom

1. Cold dew custom: climbing, because the Double Ninth Festival is before and after the cold dew solar term, the pleasant climate of the cold dew solar term is very suitable for mountaineering. Gradually, the custom of climbing on the Double Ninth Festival has also become the custom of the cold dew solar term. The cold dew climbing custom is more popular in Beijing. Jingshan Park, Badachu and Xiangshan are all good places for climbing. The double ninth Climbing Festival will attract many tourists.

2. Cold dew custom: cricket fighting, white dew, autumn equinox and cold dew are the climax of cricket fighting among old Beijingers. Crickets are also called promoting weaving. Generally, hearing crickets means that it is autumn and the weather is getting cooler, which reminds people that it is time to prepare clothes for winter. Therefore, it is said that "promoting weaving chirps and lazy women are surprised".

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