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The meaning and customs of cold dew are getting stronger in autumn. Climb high and drink chrysanthemum wine

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China's working people will make food according to different seasons, forming a rich food culture. Therefore, when you see a dish on the table, observe the surrounding scenery and characteristics, and see the activities that people are keen on, you can know which seasons are coming. Let's talk about what solar terms are in late autumn.

寒露的含义和风俗  秋意渐浓登高饮菊花酒

what is the meaning of cold dew

literally, cold refers to cold, dew is dew, a phenomenon in which water vapor condenses into dew near the ground, which represents the formal entry into late autumn. Generally, it is between October 7 and 9 of the Gregorian calendar, at which time the direct point of the sun has left the equator, The solar heat received by the ground is significantly lower than that in summer, the temperature is significantly lower, the night is longer and the day is shorter. Most parts of the country, even South China, will be affected by the cold air. The temperature difference between morning and evening increases, and the heat has receded. It is not as hot as summer. Moreover, there are different agricultural scenes everywhere, some are busy with autumn harvest, some want to plant wheat, depending on the local climate characteristics. What are the common customs of




① appreciating chrysanthemums: when this kind of flowers are in full bloom, chrysanthemum exhibitions are held everywhere. The powder is white and yellow, with a variety of colors, which will attract many people to watch.

② climbing and overlooking: close to the Double Ninth Festival, people will climb mountains to enjoy the scenery of autumn and eat flower cakes. Because "cake" is the same as "high", the ancients believed that "everything is high", so eating cakes when climbing on the double ninth Festival indicates rising step by step.

③ drink chrysanthemum wine: in addition to osmanthus wine, chrysanthemum wine is also a popular drink in autumn. It is brewed from chrysanthemum, glutinous rice and Jiuqu. It was called "longevity wine" in ancient times. It tastes cool and sweet, and has the effects of nourishing liver, brightening eyes, strengthening brain and delaying aging. But drink properly, not too much.

what are the solar terms related texts

1. The cold dew is silent, wet osmanthus, and Qinghuan is behind the hall.

2. Sweet scented osmanthus, sorrow and heartbreak, a pot of turbid wine to relieve thinking.

3. A cup of cold dew sake, sit and watch the yellow leaves of wild geese fly into autumn.

4. Not afraid of the cold of late autumn, but only concerned about the mood of wine appointment.

5. Cold dew persimmon red skin, dew branches stop.

6. The herbs are sparse and cold, and the chrysanthemum and crab are fat and autumn is thick.

7. The good news of late autumn depends on the fragrance of osmanthus.

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