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What month is the cold dew? What time is it? 9:38:53 on October 8

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generally speaking, the solar term refers to the Gregorian calendar and is also a time point. With developed technology, we can basically accurately calculate the specific time of each season every year. When we go to a certain period, it means that the seasons have changed. People will make adjustments in agricultural farming according to the changes, which will also affect everyone's basic necessities of life.

寒露是几月几号几点几分  10月8号9点38分53秒

the cold dew is at what time on what day of the month

take this year as an example, the cold dew is on Friday, October 8, 2021, in the Gregorian calendar, at 9:38:53, that is, the third day of September in the lunar calendar. On the same day, it is appropriate to move, decorate, break ground, ask for heirs, go to office, build, lift, accept money, migrate, fasting, ask for money, and taboo marriage, entering the house, obtaining a certificate, setting a bed, engagement, burial, Shangliang, breaking the ground, praying, sacrificing, accepting animals, etc. you can arrange the itinerary according to your actual situation. What are the climatic characteristics of


? The season of


is generally in September of the lunar calendar, and the temperature has decreased significantly. Nanling and the vast areas to the north of China have entered autumn. The autumn is getting stronger, cool and windy, with little rain and dry. The northeast and northwest regions have entered or will enter winter. Early frost can be seen in most years in Beijing. Except for the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, where snow flies all year round, snow has generally begun to fall in the northeast and Northern Xinjiang. On the whole, after the cold dew solar term, the day is getting shorter and the night is getting longer, the sunshine is decreasing, the heat is slowly receding, the cold is growing, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and you feel a little cold in the morning and evening. You can't wear too little. You should pay attention to cold prevention and warmth to avoid being caught by cold.

the poems related to this solar term recommend

① red leaves and yellow flowers in late autumn, thousands of miles to read travelers. Where can I send a book when the clouds are flying and there is no letter for Guihong. Tears don't drop from the window. Just spin the inkstone and grind the ink. Gradually wrote don't come, in the depths of this situation, the red paper is colorless——


in Yan Jidao's "people thinking of yuan · autumn evening with red leaves and yellow flowers". ② the new pavilion overlooks the Zhu sill and Jiamu opens hibiscus. The morning breeze is far away, and the colorful cold dew is thick—— Liu Zongyuan's


in the five chants of the Sundance court ③ paid a visit to Nantai to Chongyang. Chrysanthemum fragrance cold dew wash, cup emerald sunset——


in Yan Wei's "dinner with Dr. Cui in the north mountain on the ninth day" ④ curled up in the wind, with no sad cold dew. The orchid fades, the flower begins to white, the lotus breaks, and the leaves are still green. Independent sand cranes, double flying water fireflies. If it is a lonely place, it is still worth waking up——


in Bai Juyi's cold dew ⑤ looking at the Mid Autumn Festival, empty room and province are compatible. The Big Dipper produces clean water, and the south mountain produces green water. The dew is cold, the dove sleeps in the bamboo, and the Hong crosses the full moon clock. This night should be cut, Hengyang old live peak—— Jia Dao's "send to master Yu of Ci'en Temple"

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