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Cold dew solar term autumn harvest, tidy up the land, don't relax

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all say that autumn is a harvest season, but heavy fruits can not be seen everywhere. In many places, plants and trees wither and yellow, showing a scene of withering. This should be observed according to the geographical location, because the temperature conditions are different. This article will tell you what to pay attention to in farming in the cold dew season.

寒露节气秋收  整理土地莫消闲

cold dew solar term autumn harvest key points

according to the climatic characteristics of various parts of China, the time required for crop sowing and harvest is different. For example, in the north of the Yellow River, cold dew sowing wheat is at the right time, while the weather in the south is very favorable for autumn harvest. The agricultural proverb is: yellow smoke peanuts should also be harvested, fish should be caught and lotus root thicken. Soybeans are harvested in the cold open air, pomegranates and hawthorn are picked. Northern late maturing peach varieties, mature around the cold dew, hence the name "cold dew peach". The so-called "the cold dew in September is getting colder and colder. Don't idle away when you tidy up the land". After the autumn harvest, in addition to sowing wheat, picking cotton and planing sweet potatoes, there are also farm work to turn over the land. In addition to wheat and cotton fields, other farmland is mostly idle. At this time, when the temperature is above zero, the land is not frozen, so it is easy to turn the plow over and raise the land in winter. At the same time, regular irrigation and pest control shall be carried out to prevent drought caused by too little precipitation. What are the autumn foods of




are recommended. In terms of eating habits, we need to focus on foods that moisten the lungs and eliminate autumn dryness, such as lotus root, which is rich in trace elements such as iron and calcium, plant protein, vitamins and starch. It has obvious effects of appetizing and clearing heat, moistening dryness and thirst, clearing the heart and calming the mind, benefiting blood and Qi, and can also enhance human immunity. At this time, it is the harvest season of peanuts. It has the health functions of nourishing yin and lungs, resisting enterovirus and so on. You can cook porridge and eat it together with other dishes, which is very helpful to your body. What are the traditional activities of


1. Fishing: fishing is a very popular activity both ancient and modern. At this time, the heat has subsided, the sun is warm, the temperature drops rapidly, the sun in the deep water is not penetrated, and the fish swim to the shallow water area with high water temperature. Therefore, there is the saying of "fishing in autumn". If you go there at the right time, you will have a lot of harvest.

2. Climbing: in late autumn, there are many sunny days. It is a good time to travel. People go out to enjoy flowers and climb mountains, and climbing also has the meaning of rising step by step.

3. Eat crabs: it is the season when crabs are fat. Many will go to the market to buy and cook. The whole family will sit around a table to eat, which is very atmosphere.

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