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What is the auspicious wine around the cold dew season? Climb high and drink chrysanthemum wine

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has its own characteristics in any season, showing different farming scenes, so everyone's work items are different. In late autumn, in addition to paying attention to climate change, we also need to make timely adjustments in eating and eating, maintain the balance and stability of physical function and promote human health. Let's talk about what wine is suitable for drinking in this season.

寒露时节左右的吉祥酒是什么   登高饮菊花酒

what is the auspicious wine in the cold dew season? The solar term

is generally between October 7 and October 9 of the Gregorian calendar, reflecting the process of the season getting cold. At this time, chrysanthemums are in full bloom. In addition to autumn dryness, many areas have the custom of drinking "chrysanthemum wine". This activity, together with climbing, gradually moves to the Double Ninth Festival. Chrysanthemum wine is brewed from Chrysanthemum with glutinous rice and distiller's yeast. It was called "longevity wine" in ancient times. It tastes cool and sweet, and has the effects of nourishing liver, brightening eyes, strengthening brain and delaying aging. So many people call it auspicious wine. After drinking it, they pray that people at home are safe and healthy.

what other eating habits

1. Eat sesame: in the northern region, people will make sesame related foods, such as sesame crisp, sesame mung bean cake, sesame pancake, etc., which are popular foods. It is said to have the effects of Nourishing Yin, preventing dryness, moistening lung and benefiting stomach.

2. Eat persimmon: it is just when the fruit is on the market. It has sweet and astringent fruit taste and cold nature. It enters the lung, spleen and stomach, clearing heat and moistening the lung. Its vitamin and sugar content is one to two times higher than that of ordinary fruits. It can nourish the lung, protect the stomach and eliminate dry fire. Regular consumption can tonify deficiency, relieve cough, benefit the intestines and remove heat, but pay attention not to eat too much, resulting in indigestion.

3. Eating flower cakes: when the weather gets cold, people have the custom of climbing. It is most appropriate to take flower cakes. Because "cake" is homonymous with "high", it can also replace "Climbing" with "eating cake". I hope everyone around us can be lucky and successful and rise step by step.

the proverbs related to this solar term recommend

① the cold dew of beans makes the sickle hook, and the sweet potatoes wait until the frost falls.

② the wild geese are only September 9 and the little swallow is only March 3.

③ cold dew and frost fall, and the tight wind is snow.

④ the seedlings should be strong and frost should fall in the cold dew season.

⑤ harvest beans in cold dew and peanuts after the autumn equinox.

⑥ when the weather is cool during the cold dew Festival, the same fish species should be merged into the pond.

⑦ after the autumn equinox, the cold dew arrives, and the tree species should be collected as soon as possible.

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