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The plant characteristics of cold dew solar terms are "blue cloud day, yellow leaf land"

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The weather after the

autumnal equinox is really cold, and the temperature is significantly reduced. In the morning, there will be dew condensation on some leaves, which is eye-catching in the sunlight. Therefore, this season is called cold dew, and cold prevention and warmth preservation has become an important task. What changes have been made in plant growth? Let's give you a brief explanation below.

寒露节气的植物特点   “碧云天,黄叶地”

plant characteristics of cold dew solar terms

this time has entered the late autumn season. The surrounding scene is characterized by yellow vegetation and withered flowers. The heat of the cold air in northern China is enhanced. Most areas are controlled by cold high pressure. At the end of the rainy season, the sky is often clear for thousands of miles, the day is warm and the night is cool, and the daily temperature difference is large, which is conducive to the fruiting of late rice. Chrysanthemum is the main flower. Because it is cold resistant and has a wide variety, chrysanthemum exhibitions will be held everywhere, which can be seen from its location.

what are the traditional customs

1. Climbing and drinking: when autumn is high and cool, people will get used to climbing, and the cold dew is close to the Double Ninth Festival. At this time, chrysanthemums are in full bloom. In order to eliminate autumn dryness, some areas have the custom of drinking "chrysanthemum wine". This custom, together with climbing, gradually moves to the Double Ninth Festival, which has become a good method of health preservation.

2. Cricket fighting: this activity was very popular in Beijing in the old days. Generally, hearing crickets means that it is autumn and the weather is getting colder, which reminds people that it is time to prepare clothes for winter. Therefore, it is said that "the sound of promoting weaving and the surprise of lazy women". This adds a lively atmosphere to the quiet season.

3. Watch the red leaves: the so-called Xiangshan has red leaves all over the sky. Many people go back to the place to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Moreover, China has a vast territory and spans many latitudes. The time presented on the vast land is different. Suitable for viewing red leaves in cold dew is the northern region, especially north of the Yellow River. At that time, many tourists will be attracted to plan to travel.


are the main dietary habits of the solar term.


mainly focus on foods that replenish water and moisten the lungs, such as seasonal vegetables and fruits, such as pears, persimmons, bananas, carrots, white gourd, lotus root, tremella, beans, fungi, kelp, laver, etc. eating more sweet and light moist foods appropriately can not only replenish the spleen and stomach, but also nourish the lungs and moisten the intestines, and prevent and treat dry throat and mouth, It is conducive to promoting nutritional supplement and adjusting the balance of body function.

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