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Lu is the 17th of the 24 solar terms, the origin of this solar term

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when it comes to cold dew, many people may not know what it is. Many people are not clear. Cold dew is actually a symbol of the cooling weather. Dew should condense into frost. What is the specific meaning, origin and origin of cold dew? Everyone must be curious! In the next time, let's take you into the cold dew world!

露是二十四节气的第十七个节气  此节气之由来

cold dew means the seventeenth solar term of the twenty-four solar terms.

cold dew is the seventeenth of the twenty-four solar terms and belongs to the fifth solar term in autumn. Dipyridamole; The sun reaches 195 ° of the Yellow meridian; The festival is held from October 7 to 9 of the Gregorian calendar every year. Cold dew is a solar term that reflects the characteristics of climate change. After the cold dew solar term, the day is shorter and the night is longer, the sunshine is reduced, the heat is slowly receding, the cold is gradually generated, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the morning and evening feel a little cold. In terms of climate characteristics, in the cold dew season, the autumn in the south is getting stronger, cool and windy, with little rain and dry; The vast areas of the north have entered or will enter winter from late autumn.


the origin of cold dew


in the collection of the seventy-two seasons of the month: "on September day, the dew is cold and will condense." if the "White Dew" solar term marks the transition from hot to cool, the summer heat has not completely disappeared, and the dew beads can be seen glittering in the morning. Then the "cold dew" solar term is a symbol of the cooling of the weather, marking the transition from cool to cold, with cold dew everywhere. As the saying goes, "cold dew, cold dew, cold dew everywhere". During the cold dew solar term, the direct point of the sun has left the equator and moved from 5 ° 57 ′ s to 11 ° 32 ′ S. at this time, the solar altitude angle in the northern hemisphere changes from large to small, the solar heat received by the ground is significantly less than that in summer, and the temperature decreases significantly. Most parts of the country, even South China, will be affected by cold air. At this time, many people began to express their feelings with "cold".


the principle of cold dew physiological balance


historical books record: "Dou refers to the cold armor as cold dew. At that time, the dew is cold and cold and will want to condense, so it is called cold dew." and "dew is cold and will condense", that is, due to the arrival of cold dew, the climate changes from heat to cold, and all things grow with the cold and gradually wither. This is a season of alternating heat and cold. In nature, the Qi of yin and Yang begins to change, Yang fades and Yin grows. Our physiological activities should also adapt to the changes of nature to ensure the physiological (yin and Yang) balance in the body. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes "Yang in spring and summer and Yin in autumn and winter". Therefore, we must pay attention to the maintenance of Yang in the body in autumn. When the climate becomes cold, it is when the Yang Qi of the human body converges and the Yin essence is hidden in the body. Therefore, the maintenance of Yin essence should be given priority to. That is to say, the health preservation in autumn cannot leave the principle of "raising and receiving".

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