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What is the meaning of cold dew solar term? Dew is cold and enters late autumn

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is full of cool wind, autumn rain and cold. Looking at the flying leaves, we realize that the hot season is indeed far away. At this time, we are facing the coming winter. The climate is more pleasant at this time. We should understand the meaning behind it in order to spend more happily. Let's take a brief look at the meaning.

寒露节气的含义是什么意思   露气寒冷步入深秋

the meaning of the cold dew solar term

it is the fifth solar term in autumn. Generally, from October 7 to 9 of the Gregorian calendar, there is a difference of one or two days at most. Cold means cold, and dew means condensed dew, indicating that the temperature drops and the weather turns cool at this time. At this time, the direct point of the sun moves from the equator to the Tropic of cancer. The day is gradually shortened and the night is longer and longer. Everyone should go home early, bring more clothes and do a good job of cold prevention and warmth preservation.

what kind of food do you mainly eat

① drink chrysanthemum wine: at this time, chrysanthemums are in full bloom. It is brewed from chrysanthemums, glutinous rice and distiller's yeast. It was called "longevity wine" in ancient times. It tastes sweet and delicious. It has the function of clearing liver, brightening eyes and beauty.

② eating flower cakes: because climbing activities are common in this season, eating cakes has the meaning of rising day by day. Among them, flower cakes mainly include "coarse flower cakes", "fine flower cakes" and "money flower cakes". Stick some coriander leaves as a sign, with dried fruits such as green fruit, jujube and walnut kernel in the middle. At this time, it is close to the Double Ninth Festival, which is also called Double Ninth cake.


③ eating Sesame: in northern China, sesame related foods have become popular before and after cold dew, such as sesame crisp, sesame mung bean cake, sesame pancake, etc. it is said to have the effect of preventing autumn dryness, moistening lungs and regulating body function.

suitable for sending copywriting in the circle of friends

1. Cold dew is a season of alternating cold and heat. Dew condenses into frost, and the cold is pressing. In order to resist the cold wave, warm colors must be used to reconcile, such as red with yellow. May you keep warm with happiness and warm up with happiness.

2. The coolness of autumn is accompanied by rain, autumn leaves go with morning dew, wild geese fly south, go to bed and get up early, good health, and fruits and vegetables.

3. Feel the freshness of cold dew, smell the fragrance of wild grass, listen to the rush of geese, and look at the melancholy of fallen leaves; It is difficult to share a leaf for thousands of years; Although the road has been sincere, every bit of harmony and health! Happy Hanlu Festival!

4. An autumn rain and a cold one. Today's cold dew and dew are cold and will condense. Friends should warm up and don't forget to add clothes. May my concern drive away the cold and bring more joy in this season.

5. The cold dew Festival is coming. I entrusted grey wolf to give you warm sheep. I wish you happiness and a beautiful mood. I asked hongtaro to give you the pan, so that you will have nowhere to hide in the future!

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