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The custom of cold dew solar term is to climb high, eat cakes and enjoy chrysanthemums

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China's culture has been inherited for a long time, so all places have their own characteristics, but some are very common and need to be matched with seasonal changes. For example, in the 24 solar terms, we will hold some activities to celebrate every important season. This article will introduce the customs related to cold dew and see what's special.

寒露节气的风俗   登高吃糕赏菊

Customs of cold dew solar term

1. Climbing and overlooking: because the solar term is close to the Double Ninth Festival, many people will be used to climbing and enjoying the beautiful autumn scenery, and some will carry Chrysanthemum wine. It is brewed from chrysanthemum, glutinous rice and koji. It was called "longevity wine" in ancient times. It has cool and sweet taste, nourishing liver, brightening eyes, strengthening brain Anti aging and other effects.

2. Eat cake: because it is homonymous with "Gao", it means rising day by day, which is very auspicious. Its practice varies according to local customs, but it will be shared together.

3. Flower appreciation: at this time, chrysanthemums are in full bloom. There are too many yellow, white and pink. Therefore, flower festivals will be held everywhere to attract tourists from all over the world.

this year is the day of the month

according to the calendar, the cold dew in 2021 is on Friday, October 8, the third day of September of the lunar calendar, which is suitable for moving, decoration, land breaking, asking for inheritance, going to office, building, receiving money, migration, fasting, asking for money, and taboo marriage, entering the house, obtaining a certificate, setting up a bed, engagement, burial, Shangliang and other matters, You can arrange your itinerary in detail according to your actual situation.


related ancient poetry words are


. Dripping clear, full of light, bright and cold. The wind shakes the sad jade pendant, the branches move and cherish the dry beads. The air is cold and doubts the autumn evening, and the sound is faint at night. Condense the air and flow all over, moisten the things and keep them clean. Don't be tired of peeping, it will be more difficult to gather—— Dai Chia "moon on the leaves of Wutong" see cold dew

2 red leaves, yellow flowers autumn meaning evening, thousands of miles to read passengers. Where can I send a book when the clouds are flying and there is no letter for Guihong. Tears don't drop from the window. Just spin the inkstone and grind the ink. Gradually wrote don't come, in the depths of this situation, the red paper is colorless——


in Yan Jidao's "people thinking of yuan · red leaves and yellow flowers in autumn evening"; ③ the autumn water in the deep forest is empty recently, and it returns to the Yangqing Yin. What is the meaning of Xipu leaving the wine cup? The cold dew on the grass roots moans insects——


in Wang Changling's sending the 15th uncle ④ the empty court has a long autumn, and the cold dew falls into the sad clothes list at dusk. The hustle and bustle of people has become a city, and the day has not come to Fusang——

in Wang Anshi's "dream of Chongqing in the trial court on August 19" https://www.dailyq-a.com/Culture/33476.html
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