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What is the meaning of the cold dew solar term? Dew condenses and turns white in mid autumn

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when the fallen leaves wither almost, autumn shows its original face, both harvest and loss. People living here should maintain an optimistic and positive attitude to face a new day. They might as well know more about the relevant solar terms to better spend this solar term. Let's give them a brief introduction.

寒露节气的含义是什么 仲秋时期露凝而白

the meaning of cold dew solar terms

is a season in late autumn. Generally, it is between October 7 and October 7 every year. For example, this year, it is Friday, October 8, that is, the third day of September in the lunar calendar. Another week will be the Double Ninth Festival. At this time, the direct point of the sun has left the equator, The solar heat received by the ground is significantly lower than that in summer, and the temperature decreases significantly. Most parts of the country, even South China, will be affected by cold air. Cold means cold. Dew is the condensation of water vapor on the leaves in the morning. Therefore, with this name, the temperature difference between morning and evening is very large. We should pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation.


what are the three seasons of the solar term? The cold dew of


reflects the characteristics of seasonal changes. It is not formed overnight, but is divided into several stages. The ancient data records the three seasons, namely: "first, the goose guest; Second, when the bird enters the flood, it is a clam; Three waiting chrysanthemums have yellow flowers. " It means that in this solar term, the geese move south in a zigzag or herringbone queue; It was cold in late autumn, and the birds disappeared. The ancients saw a lot of clams suddenly appear on the beach, and the stripes and colors of the shells were very similar to those of birds, so they thought they were birds; The third phase of "chrysanthemum begins to yellow" means that chrysanthemums have generally opened at this time. In short, we can understand the climatic characteristics at that time according to such records.

common proverbs recommend

1. If the cold dew falls on a rainy day, it rains in February.

2. Early autumnal equinox, late frost, cold dew planting wheat at the right time.

3. Cotton is afraid of continuous rain in August, rice is afraid of cold dew and frost once.

4. Six or seven days before cold dew, ripening agent and quick cotton spraying.

5. The wild goose is only September 9 and the little swallow is only March 3.

6. In cold dew season, everyone is busy, planting wheat, picking flowers and beating beans.

7. Don't panic when planting wheat in the cold dew season; When the frost falls to the beginning of winter, don't relax when planting wheat.

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