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What season is the cold dew solar term, the day after the cold dew

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for cold dew, cold dew is one of the 24 solar terms. When entering cold dew, the temperature difference between day and night is relatively large, and autumn dryness is obvious. Do you know what solar terms are after cold dew? How much do you know about cold dew? Here are some materials compiled by Xiaobian. Let's learn about cold dew and frost!!!

寒露节气在什么季节 寒露后一天

what is the solar term after the cold dew? The frost of

will be colder and colder after the cold dew solar term. Although the frost from the cold dew to the solar term behind it is only 15 days, it is a relatively rapid period of time in a year. Therefore, this season is a turning point of climate change in many parts of China. After the cold dew, the cold air in the North has a certain force. Most parts of China are under the control of cold and high pressure, and the rainy season ends. The weather is usually warm in the day and cool at night. The sky is clear for thousands of miles. It is a scene of late autumn. Frost is the last solar term in autumn and the transitional solar term from autumn to winter.

cold dew solar terms in what season

autumn, the cold dew time is about October 8 or 9 every year, after the beginning of autumn and before the beginning of winter, so the cold dew belongs to autumn, and frost falls after the cold dew.

cold dew is the seventeenth of the twenty-four solar terms, which belongs to the fifth solar term in autumn. It is said in the collection of 72 seasons of the month that "on September day, the dew is cold and will condense." it means that after the cold dew, the temperature becomes lower than usual, and the dew on the ground is colder and about to condense into frost. Therefore, after the cold dew, you should pay attention to keeping warm, Add more clothes. Generally, the temperature during the day is relatively warm. The weather is sunny and cool in autumn. It is especially suitable for going out with friends. However, in the evening, the temperature will drop sharply. At this time, many people get sick because of a cold. Therefore, we must pay attention to keeping warm.

the aesthetic verse of cold dew solar terms

1. Cold dew wet moss, don't come to Pengbin autumn——


in zaqu songs - Mountain partridge 2. The cold dew is at the beginning of the cold grass, and sleeps alone before the month——


in Zheng Guangzu's zaju, drunken and homesick, Wang can ascend the stairs. 3. The cloudy moon at the bottom of the willow is easy to hide, and the cold dew sobs for no reason—— Jing pianpianpian's


4. Ge Hua drops cold dew and drinks at night to clear the heart and chest—— Gao Qi's Suzhou miscellaneous chant - Mao Gong Tan


5. The empty court has a long autumn, and the cold dew falls into the sad clothes sheet at dusk——


in Wang Anshi's "the dream of testing the hospital on August 19". 6. The cold dew fades in the north, and the sunset breaks the east mountain—— Song Zhiwen's

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