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Is the cold dew a solar term

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people are very sensitive to the change of weather. If it turns cold, they will notice it immediately, but the words used to describe it will be more simplified. The ancients will describe it with richer metaphors. Therefore, in ancient Chinese, we can judge what season we arrive according to which words and sentences. Next, let's look at the characteristics through the cold dew.

寒露是节气吗   “翩翩疑渡畏秋波”

is the cold dew the solar term

it is the fifth season of autumn and one of the twenty-four solar terms. At this time, it means that we have officially entered the late autumn season. The time point is generally on October 8 or 9 of the Gregorian calendar, which means that the temperature is lower than that of White Dew, and the dew on the ground is colder and is about to condense into frost. This season, the temperature in most parts of southern China continued to drop. The daily average temperature in South China is less than 20 ℃, even in the coastal areas of the Yangtze River, it is difficult for the mercury column to rise above 30 ℃, while the minimum temperature can fall below 10 ℃. In addition to a few Valley lowlands in the Northwest Plateau, some will have an average temperature of less than 10 ℃ for five consecutive days, which is regarded as entering winter. Therefore, cold prevention and warmth preservation are the common concern of everyone. At the same time, we should pay attention to agricultural irrigation, because precipitation is also very scarce at this time. What are the health foods of


? It is recommended that


first eat more sweet and moist food, which is very helpful for conditional cardiopulmonary function, such as Sydney, persimmon, banana, carrot, white gourd, tremella, beans, fungi, etc. Secondly, it is not suitable to often eat greasy fish and meat. You might as well drink some medicinal porridge, which can strengthen the spleen and stomach and replenish the middle Qi, such as sugarcane porridge, Yuzhu porridge, Shashen porridge, Shengdi porridge, Huangjing porridge and so on. In addition, we should also make a healthy nutritional diet according to our respective physical conditions.

summary of the poems describing the solar term

1. The nvluo covers the stone wall and the stream is quiet and hazy. Purple Pueraria vine and yellow flowers, JUANJUAN in the cold dew. Drink the dew on the flowers and lie under the pine wind at night. The clouds turn into water, and the light is the same as me. The sun and moon sway the soul, and there is only a few sky—— Wang Changling's fasting heart


2. The moon's heart is also idle in the dust, especially in the fairy house in the autumn. The condensation light is long and the cold dew falls. At this time, it stands at the highest mountain——


in Liu Yuxi's "playing the moon in Taoyuan on the 15th night of August". 3. If you want to steal Gaocang Jiyu River, you will think about crossing the autumn wave. In the late Zhu palace, the trees invade the Ying language, and the fragrant curtain of the painting Pavilion seizes the Yan nest. Thin shadows inhabit in the dark, cold dew is heavy, the empty city is hungry and noisy, and there are many dusk smoke. Who puzzles Gao Fei? There is a net in the broken house and desolate court——

4. The new pavilion overlooks the Zhu sill, and Jiamu opens hibiscus. The morning breeze is far away, and the colorful cold dew is thick. Natural and unrestrained, low and arrogant. Taste the metaphor of color and emptiness. Who works for creation? The autumn moon lingered and Yan handed the mountain bell from afar—— Liu Zongyuan's Lotus Pavilion

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