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What does frost fall mean? The leaves fall and the air is cold. I doubt the autumn evening

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in the twinkling of an eye, the autumn wind is blowing again, and the cold leaves are falling one after another, which makes people realize that summer is really over. We are facing a sudden drop in temperature, which seems a little hurried, but we always have to adapt to the changes of seasons in order to spend a season happily. Next, let's talk about the cold dew solar terms, what are the climatic characteristics.

寒霜降是指什么节气  叶落气冷疑秋晚

what does the frost fall mean? The

refers to the fifth solar term in autumn, generally from October 7 to 9 of the Gregorian calendar. Take this year as an example, it is Friday, October 8, that is, the third day of September of the lunar calendar. In ancient times, dew was used as a sign that the weather turned cold. The mid autumn White Dew solar term "dew condenses and turns white". By the time of cold dew in autumn, it is "dew is cold and will condense" into frost. At this time, the cold air in the North has a certain force. Most areas of China are under the control of cold and high pressure, and the rainy season ends. The weather is usually warm in the day and cool at night, with a clear sky, which is very beneficial to the autumn harvest. However, we should also pay attention to irrigation because of the reduction of precipitation and the need to prevent land drought.

what are the traditional delicacies

1. Hairy crab: This is the season when crabs are fat. As the saying goes: "cold dew hair feet, frost fall catch, west wind sound, crab feet itch". It is yellow, oily and delicious. It is very popular, but it belongs to cold food and should not be eaten too much.

2. Fried chestnut: at this time, there will be a long line at the door of many chestnut shops. It can not only provide energy for the body, but also nourish the spleen and stomach. Chestnut in autumn is a good tonic product that can not be missed.

3. Lotus root: it has the function of moistening lung and preventing autumn dryness, helps to clear away heat, calm nerves and alleviate anxiety. It is usually stir fried or porridge, which is one of the common dishes on the table.


are suitable for friends to talk about


. ① the moon in the mountains, chrysanthemums in front of you, and the autumn wind blowing across the sunset; The leaves are falling, the grass is depressed, and the friendship between friends is always warm; Cold dew, send blessings, may you be happy and happy.

② light scenery in autumn, light back of geese, light falling maple leaves and light travel in clear water. The seasons change quietly and the weather turns cool quietly. Please close the doors and windows at home and keep warm. If you are going out, please add clothes to resist the cold.

③ the autumn wind is chilly, the autumn rain is continuous, and the heart is cool; Autumn leaves are scattered, flowers are broken, autumn dew is crystal, and cold dew arrives; Friends specially come to send greetings and warm your heart with thick friendship; Wish you good health and good luck!

④ early Hongwen Shangyuan, cold dew xiashen palace. May you never be sad about autumn and be happy with your heart.

⑤ the old trees are getting thinner and thinner, and the geese fly south and look back. Dew white leaves fall and fall in autumn. The sky is high, the clouds are light, and the water is long. The light wind slowly revolves around my heart, missing him. In the cold dew season, I remember my friends and add clothes to keep warm.

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