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Weather characteristics and natural phenomena of cold dew

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is that the leaves close the sparse windows. When everything withers, the small animals hide. The streets are silent. What they pay attention to is a Tibetan word. People also reduce going out and avoid the cold wind at home. What solar terms come in late autumn? Let's briefly introduce the climate characteristics.

寒露的天气特点及自然现象  寒气增长水汽凝露

cold dew weather characteristics

on the whole, this solar term ranks 17th in the whole year. At this time, the sun reaches 195 ° of the Yellow meridian, and the temperature in the whole country has generally decreased significantly. Nanling and the vast areas to the north have entered autumn, and some temperatures are below 20 ℃, The northeast and northwest regions have entered or are about to enter winter, and the temperature below 10 degrees is common. With the advent of cold dew, the climate changes from heat to cold, and everything gradually goes down with the growth of cold. This is a season of alternating heat and cold. The temperature difference between day and night is large, the direct point of the Sun continues to move to the southern hemisphere, the day shortens and the night becomes longer. What are the main natural phenomena of




cold dew reflect the changes of seasons. In addition to observing the surrounding scenes, we can also know the natural characteristics from the ancient records. The ancient book "Tongwei · filial piety and God assistance deed" says: "on the 15th day after the autumn equinox, fighting fingers and Xin are cold dew. The cold dew will condense." It shows that at this time, due to the cold climate, water vapor generally condenses into dew. In addition, according to the traditional saying, the cold dew is divided into three periods: "one is for the goose guests; the second is for the bird to enter the flood as the clam; the third is for the chrysanthemum to have yellow flowers." the phenological characteristics of this season are reflected in the flying of the goose to the south, the disappearance of the bird, the emergence of the clam and the blooming chrysanthemum.

what crops are suitable for planting

1. Cabbage: because of its wide variety and short growth cycle, all places like to plant this kind of vegetable, which can be harvested and listed soon.

2. Yam: it is cheap and nutritious. It contains saponins, which can lubricate and moisturize. It is very suitable for eating in autumn. There are many substances beneficial to human body in the mucus protein of yam. Eating yam more is beneficial to health.

3. Spinach: it is more suitable for the temperature of cold dew solar term, so they will choose to plant it at this time, and it will be harvested soon. Moreover, it has high nutritional value and people like to buy it, so it has the shadow of this kind of vegetables in many places.

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