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Is it lucky to start construction on September 17, 2020, the first day of August of the lunar calendar

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whether you start a company or be a store owner, the most important thing is to seek money. Therefore, no matter what decision a boss makes, it is very important to start a business. Therefore, it is necessary to pick a day suitable for money to start a business. Check the auspicious day of starting a business and see which day is suitable for money.

黄道吉日详解 2020年9月17日农历八月初一开工吉利吗

September 17, 2020 yellow calendar query lunar calendar: Thursday, the first day of August in the year of gengzi today auspicious star: Moon grace, four phases, day post horse queen, day witch, Ford, dog today ferocious God: five empty and heavy consumption, day Yuan Wu, today eight characters: gengzi, Yiyou, Guihai RI Lu: Ren life into Lu Mao's life is mutually beneficial and auspicious. Orientation: God of happiness: Southeast, God of fortune: due west, God of wealth: due south. Today's fetal God: outside the gate bed, southeast is ri Chong Sha: Pig RI Chong (Ding SI) snake Sui Sha West lucky zodiac: rat, tiger, rabbit and chicken Peng zubaiji: Kui does not sue, Hai does not marry. Lucky star: Wu Bingjia orders the official seal of wealth, and orders Lu in Zi guimao Si The already ugly Chen's life is three and six. Purple and white nine stars: eight white

黄道吉日详解 2020年9月17日农历八月初一开工吉利吗

Zodiac auspicious day detailed explanation on September 17, is it lucky to start work on the first day of August in the lunar calendar? What's appropriate today: cancel the procurement of crown hairpin sculptures far away and start the foundation work for decoration. What's taboo today: build a temple and settle the gate office and bury

according to the old yellow calendar, September 17, 2020, the first day of August in the lunar calendar, is a very auspicious day. Tips for lucky start: the above contents of the old yellow calendar are the basis of traditional lucky start date selection. They are not combined with your eight characters, which may conflict with your eight characters. For more details, please select [lucky start date] below to learn about the good start date consistent with your own destiny.

what necessities should be prepared when starting the construction site 1. Firearms 2. Water filling 3. Motor 4. Bed 5. Safety rope 6. Setting up a tent

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