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On the meaning of cold dew solar term

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In the 24 solar terms of

, each solar term has its own proverbs and poems. Its main function is to describe the beautiful picture of each solar term, make the solar term deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and bring more poetic moments to people. How much do you know about cold dew? Say everything you know and share it!

关于寒露节气的含义 此节气的古诗词

the meaning of the cold dew solar term

the cold dew solar term means that the weather is gradually cool and the dew on the ground is about to condense into frost. The arrival of cold dew solar term represents the official beginning of autumn in Nanling and its north, and the northeast and northwest regions are about to or have entered winter. The time of cold dew is on October 8 or 9 of the Gregorian calendar every year, when the sun reaches 195 ° of the Yellow meridian. The cold dew solar term began at the end of early October and ended in late October. The direct point of the sun continued to move south, and the angle of sunlight in the northern hemisphere began to tilt significantly. In ancient China, the cold dew was divided into three periods. The first period was the large-scale southward migration of geese; Second, the birds were gone, and suddenly there were many clams with stripes and colors very similar to the birds on the beach; Third, chrysanthemums are generally open.

poems about the cold dew solar term

1. The empty court has a long autumn, and the cold dew goes into the twilight to worry about clothes.

2. Call and shake, and Noda is cold and ready to form a group.

3. Insects chirp in the evening, cold dew grass, cicadas noise in the west, ancient locust wind.

4. In the cold dew season, the wind is rustling, the clothes are wet, and the wanderers are heartbroken.

5. The cold air is blue, and the cold air is blue.

6. There is no rain in the east wind in drought, and it is not sunny in the east wind in flood.

7. Don't panic when the cold dew comes to frost; When the frost falls to the beginning of winter, don't relax when planting wheat.

8. Cotton is afraid of continuous rain in August, and rice is afraid of cold dew and frost.

Proverbs about cold dew solar terms

1. It is rare for a man in single clothes to eat cold dew rice.

2. After the Double Ninth Festival meal, there was no man in single clothes.

3. After eating Chongyang cake, the single shirt was packed into a bag.

4. Chongyang is dry in winter without rain.

5. The wild goose is only September 9 and the little swallow is only March 3.

6. Everyone is busy in cold dew season, planting wheat, picking flowers and beating beans.

7. Busy with wheat stubble in the morning and picking cotton in the afternoon.

8. Don't panic when planting wheat when cold dew comes to frost; When the frost falls to the beginning of winter, don't relax when planting wheat.

9. It's not too late to change varieties, warm the climate and plant cold dew.

10. It's best not to frost when wheat is used in the morning and wheat is used in the evening.

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