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What is the temperature of cold dew? This harm and custom

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comes to the cold dew solar terms, the temperature in most parts of the country gradually drops, and the obvious coolness represents the coming breath of autumn. We should do a good job in keeping warm. The cool autumn wind brings cold dew solar terms and many solar terms in autumn, which are worthy of our good understanding. Now let's introduce the cold dew solar terms!!!

寒露气温大概多少度 此危害和习俗

what is the approximate temperature of cold dew

1. In South China, the average temperature in most areas is above 22 ℃.

2. Hainan is higher, above 25 ℃, and has not gone out of summer.

3. The temperature in Jianghuai and Jiangnan is generally between 15 ℃ and 20 ℃.

4. The temperature in the south of Northeast China, North China and Huanghuai river is between 8-16 ℃.

5. The average temperature in some parts of the northwest and the middle and north of the Northeast has reached below 8 ℃.

6. The average temperature in some plateau areas of Qinghai Province is even below 0 ℃.

cold dew solar terms bring harm to

1. Affect production. During the perennial cold dew period, the rainfall in South China is also decreasing. Most of the western part of South China is about 20mm, and the eastern part is about 30 to 40mm. Continuous rain is very frequent, day and night, and Ming Ming is falling, which affects the "three autumn" production and has become a disastrous weather in most parts of southern China.

2. Affect sowing. The climatic characteristics accompanied by continuous rain are: high humidity, more clouds, less sunshine, more cloudy days, and fog days have increased significantly since then. However, whether autumn rain is serious or not directly affects the progress and quality of "three autumn". Therefore, on the one hand, we should use weather forecast to harvest and sow in sunny days; on the other hand, we should also take various effective farming measures such as deep ditch and high compartment according to local conditions to reduce wet damage and improve sowing quality.

3. Endanger animal husbandry. In plateau areas, before and after cold dew is one of the most serious seasons of snow damage. Snow blocks traffic and endangers animal husbandry production, so we should pay attention to prevention.

the custom of cold dew solar term

1. Antifreeze damage. As the agricultural proverb goes, "Wo is afraid of Cold Dew wind, and people are afraid of old poverty." before and after the cold dew, the temperature is lower. At this time, ziyong gradually changes from glittering white dew to condensed white frost. Before and after the cold dew, the crops in the field are most afraid of being attacked by the cold wind. Farmers should pay attention to preventing the freezing injury in the field.

2. When fishing in autumn, the sun is not as fierce as in summer, and it is difficult to get through in the deep water, so fish and crabs move to warmer shallow water, which is a good time for fishing near the water.

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