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Introduction of cold dew solar term this solar term custom and agricultural proverb

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cold dew solar terms, as one of the 24 solar terms, represent that the 24 solar terms have unique significance. When the cold dew solar terms come, what should we know better? Now walk into the world of cold dew with me and understand the fun of cold dew's life. What is cold dew???

寒露节气的介绍 此节气习俗和农谚

introduction of cold dew solar terms

cold dew is the 17th of the 24 solar terms and the fifth in autumn. Dipyridamole; The sun reaches 195 ° of the Yellow meridian; The festival is held from October 7 to 9 of the Gregorian calendar every year. Cold dew is a festival in late autumn and the beginning of the Xuyue calendar. Cold dew is a solar term reflecting the characteristics of climate change. When entering the cold dew, there is cold air going south, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the autumn dryness is obvious. After the cold dew, the cold air in the North has a certain force. Most parts of China are under the control of cold and high pressure, and the rainy season ends. In terms of climate characteristics, in the cold dew season, the autumn in the south is getting stronger, cool and windy, with little rain and dry; The vast areas of the north have entered or will enter winter from late autumn. The traditional customs of cold dew mainly include appreciating maple leaves, eating sesame, eating crab, drinking autumn tea, etc.

cold dew custom

1. Climbing custom. If the weather turns cool and dew begins to appear in the White Dew season, then in the cold dew, the dew increases and the temperature is lower. At this time, there will be frost in some parts of China. It is late autumn in the north. There are white clouds and red leaves, and early frost occasionally. In the south, the autumn is getting thicker and the cicadas are silent and the lotus remains. Beijingers have more climbing customs. Jingshan Park, Badachu and Xiangshan are all good places for climbing. The double ninth Climbing Festival will attract many tourists.

2. Enjoy chrysanthemums. The lunar September with the arrival of cold dew is also called chrysanthemum month, which is the month of chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemum is the most representative flower in cold dew season, and its trace can be seen everywhere. According to the ancient book, "on September 9, picking chrysanthemums, Fuling and rosin for a long time makes people not old." climbing mountains and appreciating chrysanthemums have become the elegant things of this festival.

3. Watch the red leaves. In the cold dew season, the autumn wind is rustling, and the red leaves over the mountain are as beautiful as Xia and picturesque as poetry. Stroll along the secluded winding path and look at the hillside. You will see clusters and patches of red leaves.


are the agricultural proverbs of Han Lu.


eat Han Lu rice, which is rare for men in single clothes.

everyone is busy in the cold dew season, planting wheat, picking flowers and beating beans.

when the cold dew comes to frost, planting wheat is panic.

the autumn equinox is early, the frost falls late, and the cold dew planting wheat is at the right time.

when the cold dew comes to frost, planting wheat is busy day and night.


should have strong seedlings, cold dew to frost, beans on both sides of the summer solstice and wheat on both sides of the Double Ninth Festival.

Bailu Valley, cold dew beans.


harvest beans in cold dew and peanuts after the autumn equinox.


the bean cold dew makes the sickle hook, and the sweet potato will be harvested until the frost falls.


beans move their sickles and hooks in the cold dew, riding the frost to collect taros.


cold dew, cutting late rice; When the frost falls, cut the glutinous rice.

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