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Cold dew solar term regimen tips what fruit to eat

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each solar term has its own place to pay attention to. When the solar term comes, there are also statements about what to eat and what to replenish qi. These statements have been circulating for a long time since ancient times. Now let's understand together, pay attention to some matters, and feel the charm of some cold dew together! Good health in cold dew season!!

寒露节气养生要诀 吃什么水果好

the key to cold dew regimen

1. Daily life is normal. After the cold dew season, the weather will change from cold to cold. At this time, clothes should be added in time. The so-called spring covering autumn freezing means that before and after the autumn equinox, especially after the cold dew, you should wrap yourself up to prevent the invasion of cold evil. We all know that autumn is dry. This year is the year of the Sino Japanese war. Five movements and six Qi think that the year of the Sino Japanese war is "dry and four". In September of the lunar calendar, dry evil is easy to hurt people. These days, we feel that the nose, lips, tongue, eyes and other parts are dry, especially the exposed lips. At this time, we need to use some moisturizing and skin care products to "moisten dry". Don't stay up late in this solar term. Go to bed early and get up early. It's basically the same work and rest time as the rooster (the rooster is unitary gold, and the five elements belong to gold, corresponding to late autumn). This benefit is to avoid being punished by the "gold" in autumn, which is more conducive to the "harvest" of Yang.

2. There is a festival of food and drink. It is appropriate to nourish yin and moisten dryness in cold dew season. The ancients said, "when autumn is dry, you should eat hemp to moisten it." at this time, you should eat more soft foods such as sesame, glutinous rice, japonica rice, honey and dairy products. At the same time, you should increase root vegetables such as yam and radish to facilitate convergence, as well as moisten the lung such as pear, lily, lotus seed and loquat; Eat less spicy products, such as pepper, ginger, onion and garlic. Excessive spicy food should hurt the Yin and essence of the human body, so that Qi cannot converge.

what fruit to eat in the cold dew season

1. Grapefruit. When the weather gradually turns cold, grapefruit will quietly appear in various fruit stalls. In this autumn and winter communication season, the weather is often drier, and people will get angry more or less. Grapefruit is a cold fruit, And it contains a lot of water and organic acids, which can replenish water to a certain extent and reduce body anger.

2. Oranges, oranges are generally sold in large quantities in cold dew season. Oranges are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin B, which can nourish our body. Eating some properly can play a good role, but don't eat too much, otherwise it is easy to get angry, After all, the sugar content in citrus is still relatively high.

the benefits of eating sesame in cold dew season

cold dew can eat sesame. There is a folk custom of "cold dew eating sesame". Sesame enjoys high evaluation in medical monographs such as Shennong's materia medica classic and compendium of materia medica: strengthening the spleen and stomach, promoting urination, harmonizing the five zang organs, helping digestion, resolving accumulated stagnation, reducing blood pressure, calming Qi, calming asthma and relieving cough. It can cure neurasthenia and anti-aging. Sesame is divided into white sesame and black sesame. White sesame is better for eating and black sesame is better for medicine. White sesame is usually called "sesame", and the word "black" of "black sesame" cannot be omitted and is not redundant.

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