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What is the meaning of frost term? What are the traditional customs of frost term

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        Frost fall, as one of the 24 solar terms in Chinese traditional culture, is also the last solar term in autumn. In the frost season, all things are completed and enter Xu, the sun enters the earth, and the Yin Qi begins to condense. After the frost, the temperature will drop sharply, and the first frost begins to appear in many places. What does the frost term mean? What other traditional customs do frost fall have? Let's take a look.

霜降节气的含义是什么 霜降有什么传统习俗

      What is the meaning of frost solar terms


      The solar terms of frost fall are characterized by large temperature difference between day and night, obvious dryness in autumn, cold weather in the morning and evening, and hot temperature at noon. Double frost fall is the last solar term in autumn and a transition period from autumn to winter. The cold weather begins with frost fall. The frost term reflects a process when the weather turns cold, rather than "frost" when entering this term. The meaning of "frost" and "frost" is still different.

      The traditional custom of frost


      For the solar term of frost, Chinese traditional people also have many customs, including drinking and enjoying chrysanthemums, because this is a good time for chrysanthemums to bloom; There is a saying that persimmons should be eaten on the day of frost, otherwise the lips will crack in winter; There is also tonic. The people think that "tonic in autumn" is more important than "tonic in winter". Therefore, in frost season, the people have food customs such as "mutton", "sheep head" and "rabbit meat"; In addition, there are other customs such as climbing high and overlooking, sweeping tombs and offering sacrifices to ancestors.



are the customs of frost stricken areas       Guangxi residents are used to eating beef on the day of frost to pray for warmth and strength in winter; In Guangdong, there is the custom of "sending taro ghosts" before the frost. First, stack the tiles into a river tower, put dry firewood into it for lighting, push them down after they are red, heat the taro with the red tiles, and finally throw the tiles outside the village. This is "sending taro ghosts". Everyone uses this way to ward off evil and welcome good luck; Fujian likes to eat ducks. It's necessary to replenish on the day of frost. There is a proverb in Southern Fujian that "it's better to replenish frost every year", while in the north, the saying is "stick autumn fat".


China has a vast territory and rich resources. There are some differences in frost falling customs in various places. Remember to buy clothes to be prepared for the cold in the frost falling season. Don't forget to strengthen physical exercise while eating.

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