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What does frost mean? What are the precautions for frost

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        Every year, when the cold air begins to go south and the scene of late autumn becomes more and more obvious, we almost welcome frost. As one of the twenty-four solar terms, many people know little about its meaning. Now let's take you to understand the meaning of frost and what precautions should be taken for frost.

霜降是什么意思含义 霜降有什么注意事项

      Meaning of frost

      Frost fall is the 18th of the 24 solar terms and the last solar term in autumn. It represents that winter is coming and the weather is getting colder. At this time, the temperature difference between day and night is the largest. It is cooler in the morning and evening and hotter at noon. With the advent of frost, the scene of late autumn began to appear in many areas, and the temperature began to drop sharply. The crops that are not resistant to cold have been harvested or are about to stop growing, the vegetation has turned yellow, the autumn harvest and winter planting have been completed, and the people who have worked hard for a year can have a good rest and enter the process of reserving for the winter. In ancient China, frost fall was also divided into three periods: first, jackals were sacrificed to animals; Second, wait for plants to fall; Three times, the stinging insects are salty, which means that animals such as jackals will start hunting for the winter; The leaves, flowers and plants withered and fell; Those animals that need hibernation also hide in the cave, don't eat, and enter the state of hibernation.

      What are the precautions for frost

      The weather turns cold after frost, so you should be prepared to keep warm, buy a thick coat in the morning and evening, and bubble your feet with hot water before going to bed at night to promote blood circulation in the body; In terms of diet, you can take appropriate tonic, because autumn and winter are relatively dry, you can choose foods that moisten dryness and nourish yin, such as radish, chestnut, yam, black sesame, etc; At the same time, in terms of sports, we should also adhere to the principle of clear autumn, which is suitable for mountaineering, football, Tai Chi and other sports. Before sports, we should make full preparations, stretch our muscles and bones, and should not be overworked to avoid sports injury.

      Other tips


autumn is a high incidence period of various emotional diseases. It is suggested to participate in more collective activities, communicate more with people, and maintain an optimistic and cheerful attitude, which is also beneficial to health.


above are the meaning of frost and some precautions. I hope you can keep a good attitude and have a happy holiday together. I believe that good things will come as scheduled.

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