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How to evaluate Yan Geling's frost fall

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        Today, let's talk about Yan Geling's novel frost fall. Some people may not have heard of this book or this writer, but you must have heard of Yan Geling's other works, such as the film Tianyu, which made Li Xiaolu win the Golden Horse Award. The original author is Yan Geling. Frost fall is a novel published by Yan Geling in 2011. It tells the rise and fall history of a huge family, the fall of a large family, and also represents the separation of an era.

严歌苓的《霜降》 如何评价严歌苓的《霜降》

      Yan Geling's introduction


      To understand the book, first understand the author himself. Yan Geling, born in Shanghai in 1958, is a famous screenwriter and writer. She was born in a scholarly family. Her grandfather was Yan enchun, who once taught at Xiamen University. Yan Geling's father was Xiao Ma, his real name was Yan dunxun, and he was also a writer. Yan Geling's own excellent works are also very many. Among them, in addition to Tianyu, there are also the thirteen hairpins in Jinling, which have also been adapted into a film, as well as the novels Suizi story, little aunt DUOHE, Lu Chuanyan's knowledge, etc.

    Introduction to frost

      Frost fall is actually the name of the heroine in the original work. She looks beautiful. She works as a nanny in an old general's house and has emotional disputes with the general's three sons one after another. At the beginning, she was also an innocent little girl, but she didn't want the shameless veteran army to destroy her innocence. Even if she later fell in love with the old general's son Dajiang, she couldn't really be with him. Youdaokan will never cross. She hovered among several men, and finally became a shrewd woman, and this huge family was disillusioned with the death of the old general.

    How to evaluate


in frost fall     Frost fall, which is rated as the contemporary version of a dream of Red Mansions by many editors, has witnessed the process of the big family from prosperity to decline, with love, hate, sadness and joy entangled between the characters. Yan Geling's works are full of fresh vitality, vivid and smooth language, delicate and accurate description, strong story and picture sense, and are worth reading.

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