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What food does the cold dew solar term eat? What are the traditional customs of this solar term

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cold dew solar term is the penultimate solar term in autumn in China. When the cold dew solar term comes, the weather gradually cools and brings bursts of cold. People also start to keep warm and pay attention to health preservation and physical health. There is a unique way to say what food to eat in cold dew. Now let's take you to know about cold dew!!

寒露节气吃什么食物 此节气什么传统小习俗

what food to eat in cold dew solar term

1. Yam, which belongs to potato, is rich in carbohydrates and dietary fiber, a variety of vitamins, including carotene, vitamins B1 and B2, and calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and other minerals. Although yam can nourish many organs at the same time, it is still believed that the Lord, often eating yam can enhance the detoxification function of.

2. Lotus root, as the saying goes, "lotus is a treasure, and autumn lotus root is the most tonic". Autumn lotus root is not only a good vegetable, but also a good medicine. Roots, leaves and flowers can be used as medicine. Often eating lotus root has the effects of ventilating and benefiting water, nourishing stomach and generating fluid, dredging orifices, and has a good effect on the prevention and treatment of hypertension. When eating lotus root, remember to remove the lotus root node, because the lotus root node focuses more on the effect of hemostasis.


what are the traditional customs of cold dew in rural areas? For example,


1. Cold dew eats pears: after cold dew, fruits are concentrated on the market everywhere. As the weather is gradually dry in autumn, it is easy to get angry. Therefore, in many rural areas, the elderly have the habit of instructing their children to eat pears; For some middle-aged and elderly people, making a cup of chrysanthemum tea or drinking chrysanthemum wine is also a good choice.

2. Cold dew eats flower cakes: after cold dew, the leaves fall and the flowers, plants and trees wither gradually. Cold dew eats flower cakes, which means "staying green". Moreover, flower cake is said to rise step by step, so it is often used as a diet of cold dew solar terms.

3. Farming Customs: the weather is very favorable for the autumn harvest in the cold dew. The agricultural proverb is: yellow smoke peanuts should also be collected. Catch fish and pick lotus root thicken. Soybeans are harvested in the cold open air, pomegranates and hawthorn are picked. Cold dew peach is a late maturing peach variety in the north. Its maturity is before and after cold dew, so it is called "cold dew peach".

cold dew solar terms bring harm to agriculture

1. Affect production. During the perennial cold dew period, the rainfall in South China is also decreasing. Most of the western part of South China is about 20mm, and the eastern part is about 30 to 40mm. Continuous rain is very frequent, day and night, and Ming Ming is falling, which affects the "three autumn" production and has become a disastrous weather in most parts of southern China.

2. Affect sowing. The climatic characteristics accompanied by continuous rain are: high humidity, more clouds, less sunshine, more cloudy days, and fog days have increased significantly since then. However, whether autumn rain is serious or not directly affects the progress and quality of "three autumn".

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