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Is frost fall in winter or autumn? What sports is frost fall suitable for

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as we all know, frost is one of the traditional 24 solar terms in China, in late October every year. Frost means that late autumn is coming, the temperature drops sharply, and it is about to enter a cold winter. But many people can't tell whether frost falls in winter or autumn, and what sports are suitable for frost to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body? Let's have a look.

霜降是冬天还是秋天 霜降适合做什么运动

whether the frost fall is winter or autumn

this year's frost fall is October 23. China has a vast geography and great differences between the north and the south. At this time, the Northeast has entered winter, while the South even has a temperature of more than 20 degrees. So many people can't tell whether frost falls in winter or autumn? In fact, frost should belong to late autumn. The advent of frost is often accompanied by a sudden drop in temperature. The temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the scene of late autumn is more and more obvious.

outdoor sports suitable for frost fall

the amount of rain in autumn is reduced and the climate is relatively dry. It is the so-called high and crisp autumn. This season is very suitable for mountain climbing. Mountain climbing can not only exercise, but also cultivate sentiment and strengthen endurance. It belongs to aerobic exercise and powerful exercise, It is a comprehensive sport with less sports injury. Mountain climbing can also make people feel happy and stay away from autumn depression. In addition, Tai Chi and jogging are also good choices. Find a place with suitable temperature and beautiful environment. Play Tai Chi to strengthen your body. Remember to exercise appropriately and supplement sufficient water during running.

indoor sports suitable for frost fall

you can also choose to exercise indoors in rainy days or bad weather. It is suitable for indoor sports before and after frost. You can choose yoga, hula hoop and other ways to stretch your body and mind, improve your physical quality and enhance immunity, so as to meet the coming cold. The temperature difference between morning and evening is large, so it is not suitable for exercise. If you sweat too much, replace sweaty clothes in time and keep warm.


above are the answers about whether frost falls in winter or autumn, as well as the sports recommendations suitable for frost fall. No matter what kind of sports you choose, you should pay attention to warm-up preparation in advance, avoid sports injury, replenish water and keep warm in time.

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