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What season is frost fall? Precautions for frost fall movement

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the frost falls in October, the autumn is cold, the weather is getting colder, and the first frost appears. The arrival of frost means that we are about to bid farewell to autumn and usher in severe winter. In order to enhance their physical fitness, many people have the habit of exercising. So which season does frost fall belong to, and what should we pay attention to during frost fall? Let's take a look at these problems.

霜降是什么季节 霜降运动的注意事项

what season is the frost? The frost of

usually falls before or after October 22 or 23. This year is 2021, and the frost term is October 23, which belongs to autumn. Once the frost falls, many parts of China will begin to usher in a cold current, the temperature will drop sharply, and the temperature difference will be large in the morning and evening. The scene of late autumn began to be obvious, the plants and trees withered, the leaves withered, and even frost began to appear in many places. It also means that we will officially enter winter from autumn.

precautions for frost sports

the climate is dry and the temperature is appropriate in autumn. It is an excellent season for sports and exercise, but pay attention to prevent some injuries caused by sports. Before exercise, we must make sufficient warm-up preparations. During exercise, we should pay attention to replenishing more water and rest at intervals to avoid excessive exercise. At the end of exercise, dry your body, put on clean and breathable clothes in time, and take a rest before taking a bath. It's cooler in the morning and evening during frost fall. Pay attention to keep warm during exercise and don't catch a cold.

what are the sports suitable for frost? The sports suitable for frost mainly include yoga, Tai Chi, jogging and mountaineering. As the saying goes, autumn is a good season for mountaineering. The temperature is moderate and the weather is cool. Mountaineering can not only exercise, but also cultivate sentiment. Yoga and Tai Chi can be carried out indoors. In places with poor air quality, many people will choose to carry out daily physical exercise indoors, but not everyone has the conditions to go to the gym. At this time, it is not wrong to choose to carry out these physical exercises at home.


frost fall is the last solar term in autumn, and it is also a good time for the national movement. Sports can prolong people's life. There are still many sports suitable for frost falling period, but we must pay attention to these things when exercising to prevent sports injuries.

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