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What month is the frost fall in 2021? What are the precautions for this solar term

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autumn is a season of transition to cold step by step. As the last solar term of autumn, frost is the coldest in autumn, and there is also an obvious temperature difference between day and night. When frost comes, people are only afraid of its cold and don't know much about it. Then, does frost fall in 2021 attract you??

2021年霜降是几月几号 此节气有什么注意事项

what month is the frost? The frost term in 2021 is 12:51:0 on October 23 of the Gregorian calendar, and Saturday on September 18 of the lunar new year. Frost fall is the 18th of the 24 solar terms and the last in autumn. At this time, the solar yellow meridian is 210 °; The festival is held from October 23 to 24 of the Gregorian calendar every year. Frost does not mean "frost", but a sudden drop in temperature and a large temperature difference between day and night. In the frost season, everything is completed and enters Xu, the sun enters the earth, the Yin Qi begins to condense, and the weather is getting colder and begins with frost. After the frost term, the scene of late autumn is obvious, and the cold air goes south more and more frequently. On the national average, frost is the season with the largest temperature difference between day and night in a year. Frost term is characterized by cold weather in the morning and evening, hot at noon, large temperature difference between day and night and obvious dryness in autumn. Frost does not mean that it will "fall" when entering this solar term. In fact, "frost" does not fall from the sky. "Frost" is formed by the condensation of water and air on the ground due to the change of temperature difference and cold air.

precautions for frost health

1. Diet: it is better to supplement frost than winter. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that frost should be diluted and supplemented. Therefore, in the frost season, the diet should be as light as possible.

2. Daily life: wear warm clothes and don't sleep in the morning.

3. Exercise: pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of movement and stillness. Frost generally falls in September of the lunar calendar. It is a clear and crisp scene in autumn. At this time, lung gold is the main thing, and the amount of exercise can be increased appropriately. You can choose to climb high, play football and other sports.

4. Sentiment: maintain a good attitude. After the frost, the grass begins to wither and yellow slowly, and the leaves also begin to fall gradually. People will become worried when touching the scenery. Psychological experts said that autumn is a high incidence season of various emotional diseases. If the conditioning is improper, it is very easy to induce depression and other mental diseases. Therefore, it is one of the indispensable contents of health care to maintain a good attitude, make good use of the situation, vent the accumulated depression and cultivate an optimistic and open-minded heart.

what are the customs of frost? In some parts of China, red persimmons should be eaten during frost. In the view of local people, this can not only keep warm and warm, but also replenish muscles and bones. It is a very good frost food. The old man in Quanzhou said that eating persimmons by frost is: eating Ding persimmons by frost will not have a runny nose. In some places, the explanation for this custom is: eat pancakes on the day of frost, otherwise your lips will crack all winter. At this time, people living in rural areas will climb tall persimmon trees and pick some bright and sweet persimmons to eat.

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