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What is the meaning of frost Festival? What are the taboos on frost day

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frost fall is one of the traditional 24 solar terms in China. It is usually around October 23 every year, which belongs to the last solar term in autumn. After the frost, it means that we will officially enter winter, so people will take tonic exercise on the frost day to meet the arrival of winter in their best state. So what is the moral of frost? What are the taboos on frost day? Let's take a look.

霜降节的寓意是什么 霜降这天有什么禁忌

the meaning of the frost fall festival

frost fall is one of the twenty-four solar terms. When the Yellow meridian of the sun is 210 degrees, it happens to be around October 23. The arrival of frost day, with the meaning of gradually cold weather and the emergence of first frost, white frost will begin to appear in the area north of the Yellow River Basin. During this time, the temperature difference between morning and evening will reach the maximum, so it's best to buy an extra coat in the morning and evening to keep warm. Frost also means that winter is not far away from us. Tonic is necessary at this time. There is a folk saying called "tonic is better than tonic frost in a year", which is enough to illustrate the importance of tonic in this solar term.

frost Taboos

there are also many taboos on frost day. First of all, avoid autumn dryness. The climate in autumn is dry, and the human body is also vulnerable to this. It shows symptoms such as dry lips, dry mouth and constipation. Pay attention to rest, go to bed early and get up early, and eat more vegetables, fruits, honey, autumn pears, tremella and other foods; Secondly, avoid autumn frost. Large temperature difference in the morning and evening and sudden drop in temperature are the characteristics of frost. Therefore, we should be prepared to resist the cold. We can use food supplement and exercise, and pay attention to buying clothes; Another thing is to avoid frost free. There are still many farmers and cultivated land in China. If there is no frost on this day, the grain harvest in Chengdu will be affected. As the saying goes, "frost free, eat bran next year"; Finally, avoid autumn depression, the autumn wind is bleak, and everything begins to wither. People will also be easy to be sad and induce depression. They can eat more high protein foods and communicate more with people.

frost fall tonic ingredients

frost fall tonic ingredients are recommended as follows: beef, radish, rabbit meat, persimmon, chestnut, duck, etc. Tonic should pay attention to an appropriate amount, do not eat too much, the gain is not worth the loss.

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