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Customs of frost season

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frost means that autumn is coming to an end, and winter is coming quietly. Before and after October 23 every year, it is the day of frost in the traditional solar terms. People take tonic exercise on this day in order to have a strong body to resist the cold of winter. There are also many customs and some practical health tips on frost day. You might as well pay attention to them.

霜降节气的风俗 霜降时节养生小知识

the custom of frost falling solar terms

the frost falling season has a long history. In China, there are many customs on the frost falling day, such as appreciating chrysanthemums. In ancient times, there was the saying "frost beats chrysanthemums", so appreciating chrysanthemums has become a gentle activity loved by everyone; The second is to climb high and look into the distance. In the cool autumn, it is the most suitable activity for mountaineering. Mountaineering can not only strengthen the body, but also cultivate the sentiment. It is the best choice for autumn sports; In other areas, there is the custom of sweeping tombs and offering sacrifices to ancestors. "On the cold food and frost fall festival, I visit and expand Tsuen. At the end of the period, I will wear clothes to reach the tomb, with wine writing and diamond cutting tools for plants and trees; the Zhou clothes seal the trees and cut off the thorns, so it is called sweeping the tomb."

frost fall health care tips

frost fall health care is mainly divided into two parts. The first is food supplement. As the old saying goes, "it is better to make up the frost than make up the winter." It can be seen that tonic is a very important thing on the day of frost. Since winter is coming after the frost, the tonic ingredients can be selected from the categories of nourishing, sweet and warm, such as beef, mutton, duck, persimmon, chestnut, radish, etc. The second is sports. Sports suitable for frost season include Tai Chi, mountaineering, yoga and jogging. Tai Chi and yoga are not affected by the site and can be carried out indoors. The climate in autumn is also very suitable for mountaineering and jogging. Precautions for

frost health preservation

frost health preservation should pay attention to an appropriate amount, whether it is food tonic or exercise. Do not eat too much of any food, which will cause too much burden on the body. The same is true for sports to avoid sports injury. In addition, due to the large temperature difference between morning and evening when frost falls, we must pay attention to keeping warm and buying clothes to avoid catching a cold in the new season. Autumn is also a high incidence period of emotional diseases. Going out to see the scenery and communicating with people are conducive to physical and mental health.

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