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Ancient poems about the frost festival the entertainment of the ancients in the frost season

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as we all know, the custom of frost has a long history and is one of the traditional 24 solar terms in China. Since ancient times, many great poets have created many popular literary works for this season. So today, let's share some beautiful ancient poems about frost, and what entertainment did the ancients have on the day of frost?

关于霜降节的古诗 古人在霜降时节的娱乐项目

ancient poems about frost fall

I. Night Mooring on maple bridge [Tang] Zhang Jiyue's


shed black crows and frost all over the sky, and Jiang Feng's fishing fire worried about sleep. At Hanshan Temple outside Suzhou, the bell goes to the passenger ship at midnight.


II. Early trip to Shangshan [Tang] Wen Tingyun's


start to visit the duo in the morning and visit the hometown. Jisheng Maodian month, human trace Banqiao frost. Mistletoe leaves fall on the mountain road and zhihuaming post wall. Because of the dream of Du Ling, the wild geese return to the pond.


III. fisherman's pride · Autumn Thoughts [song] Fan Zhongyan's


have different scenery in autumn, and the geese in Hengyang don't pay attention to it. The sound from all sides starts from the horn, thousands of peaks, long smoke and sunset, and the lonely city is closed. A cup of turbid wine is thousands of miles away from home, but there is no way for Yan Ran to return. The Qiang pipes are long and frosty. People can't sleep. The general's white hair is crying.


the ancients entertained in the frost Festival.


the frost season is the best time to enjoy chrysanthemums. "Frost beats chrysanthemums to open". This time of year is the season when chrysanthemums are in full bloom. Chrysanthemums are elegant and are one of the favorite flowers of literati,. It is an elegant thing to drink under the moon, admire chrysanthemums and write poems. The ancients also had a traditional activity of climbing on the day of frost. About three or five friends climbed the mountain together, found a pavilion to rest for a moment, and could improvise when poetry was booming.

the ancient people's frost diet culture

the frost diet culture has also been inherited to the present. In ancient times, when frost fell, ancient people had to eat persimmons, because they believed that eating persimmons on the frost day could not only keep warm and warm, but also replenish muscles and bones. Lips would not crack all winter. In addition to persimmons, they also like to eat turnips. Since ancient times, there has been a saying among the people that "eat turnips in winter and ginger in summer, and don't bother the doctor to prescribe". Radish also has the nickname of "native ginseng", which can enhance appetite, help digestion, relieve cough and phlegm, remove dryness and produce saliva, and prevent viruses.

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