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The origin of frost falling solar terms and the folklore of frost falling

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as we all know, frost is one of the traditional 24 solar terms in China and the last solar term in autumn. On this day, people use dietary supplements to improve their physical quality to meet the arrival of winter. So how did the solar term frost come from? What are the interesting folklores about frost? Let's have a look.

霜降节气的由来 霜降的民间传说

the origin of frost fall

frost fall has a long history. It enters frost fall when the sun reaches 210 degrees of the Yellow longitude around October 23 of the Gregorian calendar every year. Frost fall means that the first frost appears. Before and after the annual frost fall solar term, it is the time when the temperature difference between day and night is the largest. The temperature is high at noon and low in the morning and evening. In some areas, the ground temperature is even zero degrees Celsius at night, and the dew will form hexagonal white frost flowers. This is the origin of the name of frost. Frost is also the last solar term of autumn. After frost, it means that it is about to enter severe winter.


the folklore of frost falling


in the legend, there is a fairy in heaven, whose name is Wu Jie. Some people also call her green girl, who is a goddess in charge of frost and snow. It is said that she is Wu Gang's sister. Wu Gang is the fairy who cuts down osmanthus trees in the Moon Palace.


on September 14 of the lunar calendar every year, the goddess of frost and snow Wu Jie will come to the world. Standing on the highest peak of Qingyao mountain, she has a seven string piano. As long as her slender hand plays and the clear sound comes out slowly, frost flowers will fall one after another with the strings and sprinkle on the earth. Frost and snow seal, so as to bury the uncleanness of the world.

poems about young women

because the arrival of young woman Wu Jie is often accompanied by cold, many people don't like the withered and yellow scenery of plants and trees, and blame her one after another. Even scholars write poems about her. For example, in nanxiangzi written by Zhang Xian, "the color of blood is light, the skirt is broken, and Baihui is jealous with the young lady." there is also Nalan Xingde's words, "when frost comes down the silver pond, it is cool, but his young lady is very frivolous." Li Shangyin also wrote a poem about the young lady, "when I first heard that there are no cicadas in the wild goose expedition, the hundred foot building is high and the water connects the sky. The young lady su'e is resistant to the cold, and the moon is beautiful in the frost."

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