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What are the characteristics of frost? What are the small customs of frost

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the emergence of many traditional festivals in China often has a unique meaning and way of existence, as well as the 24 solar terms. What are the characteristics and unique significance of frost? How much do you know about some small customs of frost? Now let's learn from Xiaobian! Frost falls, I wish you good health!

霜降的特点是什么 霜降的小习俗有什么

what are the characteristics of frost fall

1. Meteorological change characteristics: during frost fall, generally from late October to early November, due to the gradual dominance of dry and cold air, warm and wet air has been marginalized, and many weather with summer and early autumn characteristics have withdrawn, so the weather is relatively simpler. Before and after the beginning of winter, there is often strong wind and cooling weather, and some places have entered winter in a short time.

2. Phenological characteristics: the ancients in China divided frost fall into three phases: first, jackals were sacrificed to animals; Second, wait for plants to fall; Three times, the stinger is salty. At this time, jackals began to capture their prey for the winter; The leaves wither and fall; Hibernating animals also hide in the cave and enter the hibernating state without moving or eating.

some small customs of frost

1. Once there is frost and clear soon, there is frost and clear for a long time in three dynasties. "Once there is frost and clear soon, there is frost and clear for a long time in Three Dynasties" this sentence means: one morning there is frost, the weather is fine for a short time; If there is frost in three mornings, the sunny days will last longer. "Once there is frost and sunny soon", which shows that the cold air force is not very strong, the temperature is not very low, and it is easy to remove, so it can only form one-day frost. After the cold air (weak high pressure) is removed, the local air pressure will be controlled by low pressure, and the weather will get worse. On the contrary, if there is frost for several consecutive nights, it indicates that the cold and high pressure has strong power, large range, slow movement and relatively stable. It can generally last for a few days or even a week. "There is frost in three dynasties and the weather is fine for a long time" means that.

2. When frost returns to sunny days, frost hits the red sun. "When frost returns to sunny days, frost hits the red sun" means: when there is frost, it is generally sunny weather. Under the control of cold and high pressure in the north, there are many downdrafts, so the sky is clear and clear at night, and the weather will be fine the next day.

in the north of China, every frost season, the water vapor in the air will adhere to its surface and condense into frost when it meets the objects on the ground when the temperature decreases at night. In the morning, before the sun comes out, we can often see the rime wrapped on the dry branches, which is nature's reminder that winter is coming. In southern China, this solar term is entering a busy period of autumn harvest and autumn planting. The agricultural proverb "when the frost falls, the grain is full" reflects the importance that the working people attach to this solar term.

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