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What effect does frost fall have on crops

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as we all know, China is a large agricultural country with a vast territory, and the climate difference between the South and the north is also very large. In late autumn, we will usher in frost at the same time. What impact does frost term have on crops? Is the impact good or bad? What crops are suitable for planting in frost season? Next, let's focus on it.

霜降节气的农作物 霜降对农作物有什么影响

what crops are abundant in frost? The frost fall of

belongs to late autumn. Many crops are ready for harvest. The frost fall season is when the radish is ripe. There is a custom of eating radish for tonic in frost fall in many places; Persimmons beaten by frost are also particularly sweet. It is generally believed that eating persimmons during frost can strengthen the body and keep warm from the cold. If you eat persimmons on frost day, your lips will not chapped this winter; Autumn is also the season when chrysanthemums and osmanthus flowers are in full bloom. Scholars appreciate the moon and chrysanthemums. Osmanthus flowers are fragrant for ten miles. They can also be used to make cakes and wine, which can be both ornamental and edible.

frost has a good impact on crops

frost has a good impact on some crops, such as the persimmon mentioned above and the Safflower in the snow. It will be delicious after frost. As the saying goes, "when the frost falls, the rice grain is full", which means that on the frost day, if the frost falls, the grain harvest will be very good. This is the experience summarized by farmers over time and. The main reason is that the frost kills all the pests in the soil, so the crops will not be affected by pests. When harvesting, a lot of losses will be reduced, resulting in a good harvest.


the bad effects of frost on crops


have two sides. Similarly, frost will also bring some bad effects to some crops. Because the climate is gradually cold, the low temperature at night is easy to form frost. For some crops with poor cold tolerance, they are easy to be frostbitten, such as wheat, rape and some small plants in seedling stage. In addition, frost will also affect the quality of cotton and make cotton form "flower after frost" or "safflower".


the wisdom of Chinese farmers is unlimited. They have summed up experience on the adverse effects of frost, seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and greatly reduce the harm of frost to crops.

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