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Frost features and customs interesting frost customs in different places

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Many people are familiar with

when it comes to frost, because it is one of the 24 solar terms and will arrive on time before and after October 23 every year. On this day, many traditional customs have been handed down to this day. Let's take a look at the characteristics of frost season and what interesting customs there are in different places?

霜降的特点和风俗 不同地方有趣的霜降风俗

the characteristics of frost fall

the characteristics of frost fall are first of all climatic factors. Frost fall belongs to the last solar term in autumn, which often brings cool air and large temperature difference between day and night. From late October to early November, the dry and cold air will gradually go south from the north, the temperature will drop sharply, the scene of late autumn is more and more obvious, the first frost begins to appear in many places, and some areas have entered winter in a very short time. The second is the characteristics of phenological phenomena. The ancients were divided into three periods: "jackals are sacrificial animals; plants and trees fall yellow; stingers fall salty." at this time, jackals and other animals began to catch prey for the winter; Plants and trees wither and fall; The insects hid in the cave and went into hibernation. Finally, agriculture, frost season, most of the northern part of the country has been doing the work of the autumn harvest, and even the cold resistant onions have stopped growing. However, in the south, it is a busy time in the "three autumn". Single season hybrid rice and late rice are just being harvested. They can also plant wheat and rape, pick cotton and plough the land.

frost falling customs

speaking of frost falling customs, different places are different. Most areas have the habit of eating persimmons on frost day. Everyone thinks persimmons are delicious and can supplement vitamins. They are good frost food; Appreciating chrysanthemums is also an indispensable activity for frost. In the eyes of the ancients, chrysanthemums have unusual cultural significance. Climbing and appreciating chrysanthemums is an elegant thing to do; In China's Guangdong area, there is also a custom called "sending taro ghosts". The specific method is to stack tiles into a river tower, place firewood and light it, push it down after the tiles are red, heat the taro or sweet potato with the remaining temperature of the tiles, and finally throw the tiles outside the village. The whole process is completed.

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