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The beginning of winter is the climate difference between the South and the north

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as we all know, the beginning of winter is the first solar term in winter, usually around November 7-8, when the solar yellow meridian reaches 225 degrees. The beginning of winter means that we are about to enter a cold winter. What month and date is the beginning of winter this year? What are the differences between the north and the south in the beginning of winter? Next, let's take a look.

立冬是几月几号 立冬南北方的气候差异

the beginning of winter is the day of the month.

the beginning of winter ranks 19th among the 24 solar terms, generally in the first ten days of November every year. This year is 2021, and the beginning of winter is just on November 7. It belongs to the end of 1911 in the year of xinchou. It is suitable to move, decorate, start business, get married, get a license, start work and set up a bed; Avoid entering the house, breaking the ground, settling the gate, going to office, praying for blessings and seeking medical treatment. The beginning of winter is an important solar term that Chinese people attach great importance to. It is a festival to enjoy a good harvest and recuperate. There are customs of ancestor worship and banquet in many areas.


the beginning of winter the climate characteristics of the South


the beginning of winter means that all things begin to enter the state of rest and collection, and the climate gradually changes from little rain and dryness in autumn to cloudy rain and cold in winter. In the south, there is often a "little sunny spring" weather with beautiful wind and warm and comfortable. The early winter is generally not too cold. Even if the cold wind sweeps, the heat stored on the surface in the second half of the year can bring some energy, and the temperature will rise rapidly. There is also a saying: "there is no wind and warm in October". But with the passage of time, the temperature will gradually decrease.

the climatic characteristics of the north after the beginning of winter,

the sunshine time will continue to shorten, the southward movement of cold air will be more and more frequent, and the temperature will drop very fast. Northeast wind and north wind are prevalent in winter, and cooling is the norm in this season. In the northeast and northwest of China, there has even been a scene of heavy snow, especially in the northeast, which is extremely cold. It has entered winter long before the beginning of winter. Although there is still a scene of late autumn in the northwest, it began to snow in many places.


after the beginning of winter, most parts of China will enter severe winter. At this time, we should pay more attention to keeping warm and avoiding cold and illness.

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