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The custom of Lidong is that what you eat is delicious but dumplings

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is one of the traditional 24 solar terms in China and the first solar term in winter. It represents the beginning of winter, and everything has been closed since then. From the beginning of winter, the weather is gradually cold, the temperature drops sharply, and the transition to a rainy and cold climate. At this time, people also begin to pay attention to dietary supplements. So, what food should the custom of Lidong eat?

立冬的风俗吃什么 好吃不过饺子

Lidong eat dumplings

dumplings, as one of the staple foods in China, have always been loved by everyone, especially on Lidong day, we must eat dumplings. There is a saying called "delicious is not as good as dumplings", which shows the popularity of dumplings. In Jilin, Northeast China, there is also a saying about eating dumplings in Lidong. Because the shape of dumplings is like ears, people think that if they eat dumplings, their ears will not be frozen in winter. Another source of dumplings is "Jiaozi time", which means the turn of autumn and winter, so we can't help eating dumplings at the beginning of winter.

Lidong brewing yellow rice wine

Shaoxing has a traditional brewing custom. In winter, the water is clear and the temperature is low, which can inhibit the reproduction of miscellaneous bacteria and make the wine ferment for a long time in a low temperature environment to form a good flavor. Therefore, winter is the best season for brewing. From the beginning of winter to the beginning of spring in the next year, this period is the most suitable for brewing yellow rice wine, also known as "winter brewing" to pray for happiness.


eat raw scallion


at the beginning of winter. Raw scallion is warm and pungent, which can spread and make people sweat, and discharge the stagnant Yang Qi in the body through perspiration, so as to eliminate ice evil. There is a saying in Nanjing that "one and a half onions a day bring wind to the legs in winter." every year on the day of the beginning of winter, people in Nanjing begin to eat raw onions to resist the wet and cold weather in southern winter and prevent illness. In fact, eating green onions is not only a custom of Nanjing people, but also more common in the north. In order to keep healthy after winter, many people began to eat raw green onions.


in addition to the above ingredients, at the beginning of winter, many people will slaughter chickens and ducks and cook them together with some grass roots to resist the cold, strengthen their health, relax their muscles and bones, and reward the hard work of the whole family this year.

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