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What custom food do you eat at the beginning of winter? The dietary precautions of this solar term

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with the passage of time, autumn gradually leaves us, and the beginning of winter comes quietly. In the first ten days of November every year, the cold air goes south more and more frequently. The beginning of winter brings severe winter with the sudden drop of temperature. As the saying goes, "make up for the winter at the beginning of winter, make up for the empty mouth". People who have been busy for a year take advantage of the beginning of winter. So, what food do you usually eat at the beginning of winter? What are the taboos of Lidong diet? Let's have a look.

立冬吃什么风俗食物 此节气的饮食注意事项

what food does Lidong eat

when talking about Lidong's food, everyone's first reaction is dumplings. Dumplings are one of the most common staple foods in China. They are deeply loved by the people in the north and south. They should be eaten every new year and festival. Because the shape of dumplings is like ears, people think that if they eat dumplings, their ears will not be frozen in winter; Lidong is also called "Jiaodong" in Fujian, which means that at the turn of autumn and winter, Lidong should "make up for the winter". Every family will pick grass roots and cook them together with chickens, ducks, rabbit meat and pig feet. Grass roots have a variety of functions, such as tonifying the spleen and strengthening the waist and knees; In Jiangnan Water Town, there is also the custom of eating red bean glutinous rice at the beginning of winter. The family get together and eat red bean glutinous rice together; In the north and Nanjing, green onions are eaten at the beginning of winter. There is a saying in Nanjing: "half a green onion a day brings wind to the legs in winter." the warm and pungent nature of green onions makes the stagnant Yang Qi in the body drain out with the sweat, the movement of Yang Qi is smooth, and the disease evil is dispelled with the sweat.

Lidong's dietary taboos

Lidong also has some dietary taboos. First, you can't take tonic without disease. Eating too much nourishing food will burden your body; Secondly, you can't eat dog meat blindly. Some people with weak physique can eat some dog meat in an appropriate amount in the severe winter season, but you can't eat dog meat blindly. Dog meat with unknown origin may be infected with rabies. You don't drink tea slowly after eating dog meat, because the combination of tannic acid in tea and protein in dog meat will produce a substance that can weaken intestinal peristalsis, Finally, it should be noted that patients with biliary tract diseases, cholecystitis and gallstones cannot drink more chicken soup. Chicken soup will stimulate gallbladder contraction and cause the attack of cholecystitis.

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