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The meaning and custom of the beginning of winter and its phenological phenomenon

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the beginning of winter is the beginning of winter. The intuitive feeling is cold and cold. As the first solar term to bid farewell to late autumn and usher in winter, the beginning of winter not only brings a sudden drop in temperature, but also has other meanings. Now let's learn about the meaning and customs of Lidong, as well as the phenological phenomenon brought by Lidong.

立冬的含义和风俗 立冬的物候现象

the meaning of

the beginning of winter is one of the traditional 24 solar terms. From November 7 to 8 every year, when the solar yellow meridian reaches 225 degrees, the beginning of winter comes on time. Lidong means entering winter. Lidong, Lidong and Jianshi also mean that winter has begun since then. Winter means the end. It means to collect crops after harvest. China traditionally takes the beginning of winter as the beginning of winter. Therefore, the full meaning of Lidong should be that winter begins, and all things collect and avoid the cold. The scene of late autumn gradually goes away, the climate begins to change from little rain and dry to cloudy, rainy and cold winter, the sunshine time continues to shorten, and the cold air activities are becoming more and more frequent. The custom of


at the beginning of winter


held sacrifices, banquets and other activities on the day of beginning of winter in ancient China. Beginning of winter was celebrated as an important festival day. Winter is a season to enjoy bumper harvests and recuperate. In the past, we were a farming society. People had worked hard for nearly a year. On the day of the beginning of winter, everyone would have a rest, kill chickens and ducks, make tonic food to supplement human energy, reward the family's hard work in the past year, and also to enhance their physique and keep warm from the cold, Get ready for the winter.

phenological phenomenon of the beginning of winter

the ancient Chinese divided the beginning of winter into three phases: "water begins to ice in one phase", which means that water gradually freezes; "The second waiting land began to freeze", which means that even the land began to freeze; "Three waiting pheasants enter the flood as mirages". Pheasants refer to big birds such as pheasants. Mirages are big clams. After the beginning of winter, big birds such as pheasants are rare, but big clams with similar lines and colors of pheasants can be seen on the beach. So the ancients thought that pheasants would become big clams after the beginning of winter.

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