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What clothes does Lidong wear the most suitable diet for Lidong

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The arrival of

Lidong means that the cold winter has come. We have spent a lot of time on dietary supplements, strengthened physical exercise and improved our physical quality. In addition, it is also very important for Lidong to choose appropriate clothes. What are the ways for Lidong to maintain health that we should learn? Next, let's take a look.

立冬穿什么衣服最合适 立冬的饮食养生之道

how to choose adult clothes

choosing clothes for Lidong mainly focuses on keeping out of the cold. First, it is very important to check the thermal conductivity of the clothes. Clothes with low thermal conductivity, such as wool, silk, acrylic fiber, chloro fiber and other materials, have high thermal insulation. On the contrary, the higher the thermal conductivity, the lower the warmth retention, such as nylon, polypropylene and polyester clothes. Secondly, the thicker the clothes, the better. Pay attention to the layers. The more air layers between the clothes and the body surface, the better the thermal insulation effect. Underwear can choose breathable fabrics. Pure cotton and sweater are good choices. The outermost cloth can choose thick clothes, which has the smallest thermal conductivity.

how to choose your baby's clothes at the beginning of winter

adults can add or subtract clothes according to their own consciousness, but the baby has no self-care ability, so the baby's clothes should be selected more carefully. The baby's close fitting clothes must be made of pure cotton, which is not only comfortable to wear, breathable, easy to absorb sweat, but also warm. Some people like to wear conjoined pants for their baby. They think they are very cute. In fact, try not to wear conjoined pants. The pants should be separated from the coat, and don't wear too thick for the baby, which will affect the baby's movement and mood. If it's not very cold, don't wear too thick for your baby. Not only can't you move, but also you'll have problems.

Lidong's diet regimen

Lidong should pay attention to eating less raw and cold food and more warm and thick food, such as cabbage, radish, potato, fungus, etc. In addition, you should drink more warm water in winter to nourish yin and moisten dryness. You can add an appropriate amount of lily, fig, tremella, medlar, Siraitia grosvenorii and other foods for soup making or stewing. The usual three meals should eat less salty and more bitter food. Eating too much salt will burden the kidney.

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