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What is the meaning of the solar term at the beginning of winter? It means agricultural activities at the beginning of winter

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is a seasonal solar term, indicating the beginning of winter. We all know that there is such a solar term as the beginning of winter in the twenty-four solar terms. It can be literally understood that this is a solar term belonging to winter. But what is the specific meaning of Lidong and what is its moral? Many people may not know yet. Let's take you to know the solar term Lidong and the agricultural activities Lidong is engaged in.

立冬节气的含义是什么意思 立冬的农事活动

the meaning and moral of the beginning of winter solar terms

many people's understanding of the beginning of winter may only stay on the meaning of the beginning of winter. Because "Li" means the beginning, there is no problem with the understanding that Lidong is "the beginning of winter", but it is one-sided and incomplete. Because "winter" not only means winter,? The explanation of "winter" in the collection of the seventy-two seasons of the lunar calendar is: "winter is the end, and all things are collected", which means that all crops are collected and dried in autumn, collected and stored, and animals have been hidden for hibernation. Therefore, the beginning of winter is not only the meaning of winter, but also the meaning of collecting all things and avoiding cold.

farming activities at the beginning of winter

many people think that sowing is only in spring. In fact, the beginning of winter is also the best time for autumn harvest and winter planting. We can make full use of the sunny weather to harvest, sun and air late rice, ensure the quality of entering the warehouse, pay attention to winter planting, water conservancy and fertilizer accumulation in winter, and pay close attention to the sowing time of winter wheat, Try to expand the winter planting area and reduce the idle field. In terms of vegetable farming, we should build greenhouses in time and do a good job in the management of greenhouses. When the temperature is high in white weather, we can uncover the film for ventilation, but in the evening, we should pay attention to sealing. The field soil freezes at night and thaws during the day. At this time, we should seize the opportunity to water, supplement soil moisture, improve the field microclimate environment, prevent "drought helps cold threat", and reduce and avoid freezing injury. In addition, in terms of animal husbandry, pig epidemic prevention should focus on needle supplement; Ensure that the cattle eat enough forage and strengthen grazing; When goats graze, try to eat more forage and get fat. Before winter comes, all livestock and poultry should carry out insect repellent work. If we do these jobs well, we can get a good harvest even in winter.

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