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Introduction to the solar terms of the beginning of winter

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Among the 24 solar terms of

, four solar terms represent the beginning of four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Their names are also very similar, namely, beginning of spring, beginning of summer, beginning of autumn and beginning of winter. As the 19th of the 24 solar terms, Lidong bid farewell to autumn and ushered in winter, giving people a cold and bleak meaning. So what does the solar term Lidong mean? At the beginning of winter, what suitable sports can we choose for our daily exercise? Let's have a look.

立冬节气简介 适合立冬的运动

Introduction to the beginning of winter

as we all know, the beginning of winter is the beginning of winter, "establishment" means the establishment and beginning, while "winter" represents not only winter, but also the meaning of collecting agricultural crops after harvest. The beginning of winter is usually in the first ten days of November of the Gregorian calendar, that is, when the sun's yellow meridian is 225 degrees. This year is 2021, and the beginning of winter is exactly November 7. After the beginning of winter, the sunshine time will gradually shorten, the temperature will drop sharply, the weather is dry, and the cold air will become more and more frequent. In many parts of China, there is the custom of tonic at the beginning of winter. On this day, everyone will kill chickens and ducks, stew with some medicinal materials, reward the hard-working families of this year, enhance their physique, store calories, and welcome the arrival of winter in the best state.

sports suitable for the beginning of winter

many people will become lazy in winter, not as energetic as spring and summer. In fact, they should exercise in winter, maintain the habit of exercise, enhance their physical quality, and better spend the cold winter. Office workers can take a walk during their usual commute or lunch break. It is a good way to exercise, which can help relieve stress and eliminate muscle tension; Skiing is also an indispensable sport in winter. It can exercise the balance, coordination and flexibility of the body. It is not an intense sport, but it can exercise the whole body, activate the rigid body and lose excess fat.


precautions for winter sports


must fully warm up before sports, starting from low-intensity sports to prevent injury; Pay attention to replenishing water during exercise. You can take a thermos cup with you and drink a cup of warm water at any time; If you sweat after exercise, pay special attention to changing clothes in time, keep warm and prevent cold; Winter is also a high incidence season of colds. Usually eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, supplement vitamins, and ensure adequate sleep.

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