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What does Lidong eat? Lidong's nourishing points

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China is a big food country, with a wide range of delicious food, which attracts people's appetite. The beginning of winter is one of the traditional 24 solar terms, which means that when winter comes, we should conserve our energy to resist the cold. So what kind of sparks will happen when Lidong meets delicious food? What are the nourishing precautions for Lidong? Next, let's take you to understand.

立冬吃什么 立冬的滋补要点

the ingredients of Lidong

the eating habits of Lidong are different all over the country, but most of them can't avoid this food - dumplings. Because dumplings have the saying of "Jiaozi time", and Lidong also has the nickname of "Jiaodong", which is the intersection of autumn and winter. People in many areas gather together to eat a bowl of steaming dumplings on the day of the beginning of winter. The mutton stove in Lidong is the most common delicacy in the south. People will add nourishing herbs such as rehmannia, angelica, red jujube, Codonopsis pilosula and Astragalus membranaceus to the mutton stove, which not only has the effect of tonifying blood and Qi, but also dredges the meridians, strengthens the spleen and nourishes the body. While delicious, it ensures sufficient nutrition, so that people have a strong body to meet the arrival of winter.


are nourishing foods for the beginning of winter.


should eat more staple foods for the beginning of winter, because protein, fat and carbohydrates are the nutrients for human body to produce heat. Beef, mutton, shrimp and sea cucumber are rich in protein, with high heat production and very good cold protection effect. Kelp, laver and other foods with high iodine content can promote the secretion of thyroxine, increase the body's heat production capacity, enhance the basic metabolic rate and promote blood circulation. In addition, we should also increase the intake of vitamin A and vitamin C, which can be obtained from carrots, animal liver, vegetables and fruits. These foods can enhance the cold resistance and adaptability to the cold and protect blood vessels.

precautions for the beginning of winter diet

in the beginning of winter diet, we should pay attention to eating less salt, because winter is the time when the kidney meridian is strong. If we often eat something too salty, it will cause a burden on the kidney. At the same time, cold foods such as seafood should not be eaten more, and eat less foods with high fat and sugar content. That winter, a healthy body starts with diet.

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