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The origin and custom of marigold at the beginning of winter how do plants survive the cold winter

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Marigold is an annual herb, which is distributed all over China. It mostly grows in roadside flower beds. The most suitable growth temperature is 15-25 degrees Celsius. Because its flowers are large and its flowering period is long, it is often used as the setting of flower beds. Chrysanthemums are generally in full bloom in autumn and winter. What is the special custom of the combination of marigold and Lidong? How will the delicate marigold plant survive the cold winter? Let's take a look.

万寿菊立冬的来历和风俗 植株如何熬过寒冬

marigold embellishes the beginning of winter solar terms

in most parts of China, the temperature will not drop to a particularly low level before and after the beginning of winter. At the moment, the solar yellow meridian is at 225 degrees. Although the sunshine time in the northern hemisphere is shortened, part of the heat in the first half of the year is still stored on the ground. This temperature is especially suitable for the growth of marigold. Marigold symbolizes longevity. It can be used as both ornamental flowers and edible. The washed marigold petals are dried and fried with flour. The children next door are greedy and cry.

Lidong Marigold Tonic custom

Lidong is a solar term suitable for tonic, and the seasonal flower of Lidong, marigold, also has the effect of dietotherapy. For example, longevity chrysanthemum food: Chrysanthemum meat slices fried with marigold and pork, snake meat or cooked with fish and chicken. The meat is vegetarian, tonic but not greasy, refreshing and refreshing. It has the effect of treating dizziness and wind heat disturbance. In the essay on health preservation written by Cao Tingdong in the Qing Dynasty, it is also said that the chrysanthemum banquet can "nourish the liver and blood, delight the color, cool the wind and dazzle, eliminate heat, quench thirst and brighten the eyes". Although there are many varieties of chrysanthemums, Marigold is still very popular in food supplement. How do


plants survive the winter? First of all, keep the temperature. As long as the temperature is not lower than 5 ℃, marigold can grow healthily. The temperature in the south is higher in winter, and it is best to transplant the plants to a warmer place indoors in the North; The second is to control the amount of watering. You don't have to water too often in winter. Generally, you can water once every 7-10 days; Then there is light. Marigold likes light and is suitable for growing in an environment with sufficient light; Finally, fertilization. After winter, the growth rate of plants will slow down. At this time, fertilization can be suspended first.

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