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The origin of Lidong ancient folklore and customs

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is one of the traditional 24 solar terms in China. It has a long history and implies the transition between autumn and winter. People used to do divination at this time to judge the temperature of this winter in turn. For example, "it's sunny at the beginning of winter, and it's cold in winter; it's cloudy at the beginning of winter, and it's warm in winter." it means that if it's sunny at the beginning of winter, it will be very cold this winter. On the contrary, if it's cloudy and rainy at the beginning of winter, it will be very warm this winter. Next, let's understand the origin of Lidong, and tell you about Lidong's folklore and customs.

立冬的由来 立冬古代的民间传说和习俗

the origin of the beginning of winter

the beginning of winter is the 19th of the 24 solar terms, which is about November 7-8 every year, that is, when the solar yellow meridian reaches 225 degrees. At this time, the surface heat in the northern hemisphere is getting more and more. Even if a certain amount of heat has been stored before, the temperature will be lower and lower with the beginning of winter, and the severe winter is not far away. The beginning of winter is the beginning of winter. "Li" means establishment and beginning. "Winter" not only means winter, but also means collection and storage. It means to store the grain harvested in late autumn for winter.

the folklore of the beginning of winter

it is said that in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhang Zhongjing, the medical saint, was an official in Hunan. When he resigned and returned home, he saw that the people in Nanyang were hungry and cold, and even frostbitten his ears. It was winter and typhoid fever was prevalent. Many people were naked. Zhang Zhongjing couldn't bear it. He built a medical shed on the spot to treat these poor people. He cooked some mutton, pepper and cold expelling herbs together, wrapped them in dough into the shape of ears, cooked them and distributed them to the poor. After eating, everyone's ears were cured. Later, at the beginning of winter and the winter solstice, people would pinch the dough into the shape of ears, wrap it with stuffing and cook soup. Over time, it has become the tradition of eating dumplings at the beginning of winter.

Lidong ancient custom

Lidong has a custom called Hedong, also known as "worship winter". Along with the custom of our country in the Han Dynasty, it is mentioned in the "four people monthly order" of the Eastern Han Dynasty that a banquet should be held to entertain our teachers on this day; In the Song Dynasty, people put on new clothes and congratulate each other, just like the Spring Festival. These are the customs of ancient people at the beginning of winter.

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