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Health preservation knowledge and proverbs about frost fall are the customs of this solar term

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Frost fall in the 24 solar terms of

. When frost falls, the weather gradually becomes cold and the first frost begins to appear. Frost fall solar terms also means that winter is about to begin. Frost fall is the last solar term in autumn and the transition from autumn to winter. Therefore, there are many customs, proverbs and stories. Let's have a look at these!

关于霜降的养生知识和谚语 此节气的习俗

health preservation knowledge about frost fall

after frost fall, the weather turns cold obviously. Many people cough and have an inflamed throat when the seasons change. In fact, it is mainly rooted in the neck. If this part catches a cold, it is easy to cause a cold with pulmonary symptoms downward, and upward will lead to the contraction of blood vessels in the neck, which is not conducive to the blood supply to the brain. Women should pay special attention to keep their feet warm. Instead of wearing boat shoes and thin socks, they should wear shoes or boots that can cover their feet to keep their feet warm, so as to have a certain resistance to the cold wind. In addition, the neck is the main location of cold invasion. Therefore, in frost season, warm scarf is a necessity for everyone, and everyone can have it.

Proverbs about frost

1. Autumn geese come early and frost comes early.

2. Frost radish, winter cabbage and light snow vegetables should come back.

3. In September, the air is cold and condensed, and the dew turns into frost.

4. If you don't cut the grass in frost, you will lose a basket a day.

5. Lack of seedlings and supplement, dense seedlings, even wheat seedlings, and increase production.

6. The frost is sunny again, and the frost is red in the sun.

7. Frost falls, the sky is quiet, and autumn promotes the west wind.

8. There is frost in the frost, and rice is like a overlord.

9. Hard persimmons become soft persimmons when frost falls.

10. Frost and rain continue to rain, and frost will not dry all winter.

customs about frost fall

our Chinese traditional solar term Double Ninth Festival is a festival after frost fall. The difference between the two festivals is no more than a week. Therefore, some customs of frost fall solar terms are the same as those of Double Ninth Festival, but there are still differences in traditional activities. The customs of frost fall are diverse, such as eating turnips, eating persimmons, drinking chrysanthemums, sending taro ghosts, sweeping tombs, etc. people will do things, because at this time, the busy farming season has ended, and people have enough time to welcome the arrival of frost fall. After entering this solar term, the weather became colder and began to frost. Although the busy farming season has ended, the early sown wheat should start to check and make up for deficiencies, so as to ensure a bumper harvest in the coming year. The agricultural proverb "early sown wheat, check and make up quickly to ensure that the seedlings are complete and strong" is a description of this.

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