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Origin and introduction of the beginning of winter

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is one of the traditional 24 solar terms in China. It is the first solar term in winter, usually in early November. With the arrival of the beginning of winter, the temperature in most parts of China has dropped sharply, and the cold air is going south more and more frequently. So how did the solar term Lidong come from? What are the practical blessings of Lidong? Let's share with you briefly.

立冬的由来和简介 冬季祝福语速速收藏

the origin of the beginning of winter

the beginning of winter is the first solar term of winter. It bid farewell to the bleak autumn and ushered in the cold winter. When the sun reaches 225 degrees of the Yellow meridian, it happens to be around November 7-8 of the Gregorian calendar every year. We will usher in the solar term of beginning of winter. The "standing" of Lidong means to establish and start, and "winter" means not only winter, but also collection and end. It means that when autumn is over, the harvested crops should be stored for winter. The origin of Lidong is the combination of these meanings.

Introduction to Lidong

Lidong was a big festival in ancient times. There were many folk customs, such as ancestor worship, banquet, divination of the year, etc. people who had worked hard for a year rested on Lidong day, prepared many rich and nutritious food and rewarded the family. Since ancient times, there has been a proverb called "making up for the winter at the beginning of the winter, making up for the empty mouth". From this, we can see that making up for the winter at the beginning of the winter is a very important thing. The beginning of winter is a seasonal solar term, and its climate has gradually changed from less rain and dryness in autumn to rainy and cold in winter.

the blessing of the beginning of winter

the cold wind blows, the fallen leaves fall, the cold rain drizzles and freezes thousands of miles. Winter comes, winter thoughts are difficult to tell, winter cold is nothing, thousands of miles are like ink. At the beginning of winter, it is Acacia. Send your feelings far away, healthy and beautiful. May you be safe!


have arrived at the beginning of winter, and the cold is coming; When the weather turns cold, remember to add clothes; Do more exercise to keep fit; Don't forget to rest after work; Deep friendship, hidden in the bottom of my heart; Warm SMS, warm transmission, may you have a healthy and happy winter!

autumn harvest and winter storage, the years are long. Collect good luck, success and brilliance; Happy collection, happy mood; Safe collection, good luck; Collect true feelings and friendship will last forever; Collect Lidong greetings, happiness will always be with you.

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