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Lidong's historical customs and anecdotes Zhang Zhongjing and the legend of dumplings

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The origin of the legend of

Lidong is very interesting. It is said that it is related to the medical Saint Zhang Zhongjing. Lidong is a very important festival in ancient society, and there are many customs and anecdotes about Lidong in history. Next, we will share with you the history, customs and interesting stories about Lidong. Interested friends, come and have a look.

立冬的历史风俗和趣闻 张仲景和饺子的传说

Legend of Lidong dumplings

it is said that during the Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhang Zhongjing, the medical saint, once held the post of prefect in Hunan, and later resigned and returned home in the winter of a certain year. When he returned to his hometown, he saw that his father, villagers and relatives all looked yellow and skinny, hungry and cold, and even some people's ears were frozen. He felt very uncomfortable, so he asked his disciples to build a medical shed, put up a pot, use mutton, medicinal materials and pepper as stuffing, wrap it with dough, wrap it into the shape of ears, put it into the pot and cook it into "exorcism and correction of ear soup", which was distributed to the villagers. After the villagers finished eating, the ears were cured. Later, at the beginning of winter and the winter solstice, people imitated the noodle soup and made dumplings at that time. Up to now, it has become the custom of beginning of winter. People say that beginning of winter will not frostbite your ears if you eat dumplings.

the custom of the emperor to welcome winter

the beginning of winter is an important solar term in October of the ancient lunar calendar. This custom has existed since the Han Dynasty. On the day of the beginning of winter, the emperor should personally lead his officials to welcome the winter, commend and compensate the martyrs who died for the country and their families. Please protect the living creatures and encourage the people to resist the plundering and invasion of foreign enemies or evil bandits. Gao Yinzhu said: "ancestors who had a dead king to secure the country at the border will reward their children; those who were lonely and widowed will sympathize with them.".


the folk custom of celebrating winter


. Among the people, Lidong has the custom of celebrating winter or worshiping winter. On this day, people should put on new clothes, celebrate each other, and visit teachers like the new year. Later, these activities gradually simplified, but there are still some activities, such as winter school and teacher worship, which are held on the beginning of winter.


ancient Lidong customs are rich and colorful. Each different dynasty has interesting customs about Lidong, which have formed China's traditional culture with a long history.

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