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The meaning of light snow solar term the climate is getting colder and the rain is increasing

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as we all know, light snow is one of the traditional 24 solar terms in China and belongs to the second solar term in winter. The arrival of light snow means that the weather is getting colder and colder, and the amount of rain will also increase. So what does the light snow solar term mean? What should we pay attention to on this day? Next, let's take you to understand.

小雪节气的含义 气候渐冷雨水增加

the meaning of light snow solar term

light snow is the solar term after the beginning of winter. At this time, the climate is very cold, the cold wave and strong cold air activities are very frequent, and the precipitation will also increase. Light snow solar term is a climate concept. Many people will mistakenly think that this solar term means a small amount of snow. In fact, it is not. Light snow is just a metaphor for the climatic characteristics during this solar term, which reflects the active cold current and increasing precipitation during this solar term. "Filial piety Jingwei" said: "on the 15th day after the beginning of winter, the fight refers to the sea, which is light snow. Heaven and earth accumulate Yin, temperature is rain, and cold is snow. It is said that when it is small, the cold is not deep, but the snow is not big." this is the real meaning of the light snow solar term.

light snow is the day of the month

when the solar yellow meridian reaches 240 degrees, the time comes to the late November of the Gregorian calendar, usually around November 21-23 every year. This year is 2021, and the light snow solar term is on November 22. In this season, the frequency of cold wave and strong cold air activities is high. The cold air goes south and the temperature drops. Agricultural activities mainly focus on the storage of vegetables and leisure sidelines. Precautions of

light snow solar term

in winter, people often pay more attention to the indoor temperature and ignore the key point of ventilation. In light snow season, we should pay attention to opening windows appropriately to maintain indoor air circulation and keep away from influenza virus; If the weather is dry in winter, you can do some indoor moisturizing work, such as placing some plants and flowers, or placing a humidifier; Usually go to bed early. At the same time, it is not recommended to get up too early in the morning. It is best to get up after the sun rises, which is conducive to the potential of Yang Qi and the accumulation of Yin essence; Eat less dry and hot food. In winter, eat mainly mild ingredients, less salt and less frying, maintain good eating habits, and welcome the arrival of severe cold with the best physical state.

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